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    This relates to the black magic of the Elite,by showing HOW it can be done.
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    Or simply get a image of the tree,and a deck of tarot cards(or a web page on them) and study the patterns.
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    The best book to read this in is "The Mystical Qabalah" by Dion Fortune.
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    BUT,the map is NOT the territory.
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    Things are more complex,obviously-but these forces still hold true.Maps are made to explain.
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    Why is this relevant>Well,once you see the realtionships-you see the correspondences in life.
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    The tarot was invented to teach,illiterate people,how to understand relationships bewteen things.
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    Eg-Mars,unbalanced by Jupiters"Big Daddy" or "Santa" is agressive taking.The cards of the tarot,tell this.
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    Once you see the positive system,you can understand how the debased tree is made from unbalancing forces.
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    A look at the paths of the tree,the sephiroths,and what they mean,and how they relate,first.
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    If you want to understand,what black magick is-which is what the debased elite do-eg wars etc-
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    Looking at these paths,which are Tarot cards-show the relations between the sephirophs.This is usefull!
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    What is most interesting,is Tipareth -is the only sephiroth on the Tree,which connects thru ALL the paths.
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    Unbalance is created.A look at which sephiroth balances out the other-shows how.
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    The "filing system" of the Holy Kabbalah,as shown by Crowley, can be used to understand HOW-
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    You can see what happens,when the sephiroph are debased-tipareth-beauty,becomes "disputers."
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    Or,"shells"-which remain after unbalanced energy is not balanced in tree's spheres.
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    Quiploth are the serpents,attacking the male figure,in "fall" picture.Quiploth are remants of sephiroth.
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    This causes the fall,which leads to "beauty" "miracles""compassion" etc(Tipareth) to be prey to quiploth
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    A sensible interpretation of this,is the blatant destruction of Gaia.
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    What the fallen Tree represents,is the loss of support of the earthly Kingdom,causing Tipareth to fall
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    Malkuth,the bride(as Tipareth is the Bridegroom) earthly plane
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    Was supported by Malkuth,The Princess(the King is also,the Prince) before the fall.
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    basic idea-The Tree,in Eden-the Prince(Tipareth/sol/The Crowned,conquering King)
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    The tree before the Fall of Eden-
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    To understand the negative aspects of the tree-one looks at the "fallen" tree.This is illustrated-


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