Friday, 4 November 2016


And this, if you're a student of 911, may not be as big a surprise as you might think.

Dare you?

"When Supreme Court Justice John Scalia died, under mysterious circumstances, FBI officials were there. It was the FBI that blocked the autopsy of a Supreme Court Justice, required by law to be supervised by the Surgeon General of the United States.

The organization Scalia belonged to and was with when he died, or was murdered as some assert, includes top leaders of all American business sectors along with government officials, both elected and “career,” who regularly meet and plan the overthrow of the American government.

The Trump team includes the public persona of Rudy Guiliani, tasked with organizing the FBI revolt, wielding bushels of cash from the Saudis and the Adelson gambling/trafficking empire. Guiliani and his friends control most post-retirement employment for FBI agents, all of which filters through firms connected to or represented by his law firm. The FBI is, in fact, controlled by Rudy Guiliani, according to some sources."

My emphasis, added.


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