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The Satanic Ritual Symbolism: just in from HERO @eyelash911

"In this picture he is wearing the red arrow band with the arrow pointing to his ♥ heart

10m 9 minutes ago

 The 14 is relevant in ritual to the knowledge of odin tearing himself into 14 pieces.  Also to the 14th January as time alterations has changed timeline relevance.  The fish is pertaining to the story of the 5 loaves and two fishes story.  The 5th reich plans and 2nd reich plans having been played out at that timeline and today the 1st leg of the 5th reich plans being played out.  The age of Pisces to aquarius.. ♓ the dimensions bridge symbol.. Of Ascension.. And of course. Aquarius ♒ the water symbol where the secrets beneath the waves will be revealed.  And they are being as we speak all over the planet.  And they are harnessing water source to bring in their 5th agenda

Which as we know they have been and prepping it. They are going to use water to commit genocide. And he is displaying he has it in both hands.... Covered. The fish pertaining to America that displays the giant fish / whale code in landmass symbol and using the devil worship sacrifice ritual of odin etc etc. A clear message to satanic chums where things were at... At the time this picture was taken

is my knowledge of the rituals they using tying in with what they are doing?

 The codes they use today the two zigzags of aquarius is relevant to harnessing of the dimensions.


It's related to this

They needed the toxins in the water to fire up the pyramids hidden in the oceans... Coupled with what they are spraying from above

And if you check they have been releasing their energy all around the globe since.

Scala waves work in water too"

Scalar waves



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