Saturday, 26 November 2016


So worthy of note, we do:

EXTRACTED (machine translated from French)

"Libreville (Gabon) - The Gabonese government announced Monday evening in Libreville that blood crimes of organ harvesting and other mutilations of victims are now imprescriptible and sentenced to life imprisonment, in a statement issued after the council Ministers, meeting in the day by President Ali Bongo Ondimba. 

the statement also know that rape and other sexual assaults aggravated involving minors like adults are now punished by imprisonment. 

the prescription of rape of minors short now from the age of majority and not on the date of the commission of the act, said the statement announcing Moreover, the creation of a special court and a special appeals court responsible for the suppression of the financial and economic crime. 

the two special courts are also responsible for suppressing major trades, new forms of crime and violent crimes aggravated organ harvesting and other victims of mutilation or any other act of medieval barbarism, the statement said. 

the new provisions are filling a legal vacuum detrimental to victims of violent crimes and sexual abuse whose authors seemed covered by impunity. "


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