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Dare you go so deep you feel because you are in way way over your head?!?!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

More in from Kazzy ...

The earthquakes are being deliberately done to disrupt the hidden energy in the pyramids and also to distribute it quicker
That is what is killing the whales who are washing up on beaches worldwide to die. The energy being released beneath the waves is killing them
They can hear it and feel it the most.
That is why whales are a very vital species to planet earth. The sea guardians
They replaced the dinosaur skeleton with the whale skeleton at British history museum
Everything in plain sight
Isn't just treason against a country but against a planet.
Interesting how they use the tree sun, / son code and replace an e with an a the alpha phallic code replacing the ee eve energy code....
Is a symbol of atom??
Ph pharma code.. The power of the heavens t
To pharm.. Farm through. Also in your face contains the warning of harm too
Hmm also 2 n 5 roman numeracy. Significant at time of jesus in their version of the Bible. The two in binary... The two lines n two towers.... Knowledge of the future plans even at that time.... V... Venetian technology.... New testament pertaining to the trinity triangle eye code... And how enlightenment through the church only in dumb down of education at the time was ensnared by the church... Then by the crown via Henry 8th for 8th
Tetrad. Also super duper moon this week??
Pre planned circumstances and outcomes by the ptb
With access to Time travel til the 1500s
Hence why they couldn't dicerpher the voynich manuscript
am joining all the dots...of the rituals in the post on your site. they are all very relevant. and also relevant to 9/11 as well. also to the schemes they had put in place to take over the world when they switched the timelines from bc to ad and also have been since then performing rituals of sacrifice underground continued but hidden by removing the technology and education in that dumb down. and how they have plain sight...been conducting the rituals. it can all be tied in together and it will be secret knowledge they know and have been using. and are still using to run their rituals by !
the story of the 5 loaves and the 2 fishes....believe it or very relevant to the agenda that took place for 9/11 and the magic bomb at the pentagon !!
that plan was formulated at that time,,,,and that too indicates they had access to time travel to be able to write that in code at that timeline for this timeline !!!!!!
this rabbit hole is very deeep

UPDATE (in the first part, talking about Podesta's hand marks ....)

very much so. orthodox jesuits and christians in the secret sects self harm...just like he is displaying there...
he does that to himself....he wont care what happens or how much pain innocent souls sacrificed goes through....its not just creepy...its very disturbing...
In this picture how the telephone wire energy is feeding off the transverse energy around it. You can clearly see
How the energy spirals around the conductor / wire as the information passes through it
Clearly visible above.. The longitudinal waves
Dimensional longitudinal waves as they open /roll out
You can see how the energy is emitting in waves too from the television.
Scalar energy travelling through
Again emblazoned with symbolic information embedded
this is what i get attacked with for definite !
somehow...the symbols attach and of course because we are surrounded entirely by symbology....where-ever we go / whatever we do....we are through our pineal gland and eyes (even though most people cannot even see this energy naturally) being exposed to this. It's like an invisible holographical brain to skull through 'inner eye' technology..if that makes any sense in explaining what it is and how it works?? :/
You're doing MUCH MUCH better at explaining
Keep going :)
we are being secretly monitored and bombarded from every direction. what the aliens have allowed me to film ...and how the 'invisible' dimensions are opening and closing all around us as well. The mirror films I shared with you shows how multi dimensions are opened and used through any material. Whether it be stone, glass, plastic, wood....these beings coming through (or even holograms of them coming through as is the case with some dimensional travellers abilities...often depicted as astral travel...remote viewing is where you can see but not travel on that plain/dimension)
Meanwhile ... changed the group name to KJD1
can and are manipulating events and time.


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