Thursday, 24 November 2016

#EMDRIVE "barium strontium titanate doped polymer film" #TOPSECRET


Impossible engine produces energy from nothing



I am sure you are a nice guy, but must say (because I care) that you are walking on thin ice. Already, in the American market alone, there are over 10,000 DJI phantom drones that could be outfitted with the active parts of a hand gun, fly to your house and kill you from far out of sight. But there is something worse. I know what you know - about a suppressed technology.

Nasa ran an obviously poorly designed B.S. experiment that made the asymmetrical capacitor look like a fringe effect. But inadvertently in that experiment NASA proved it would work in a vacuum and released that info to the public, which proved the much better results from others are not from ions pushing on air. Others have only gotten up to a gram of thrust from their designs, because the plate material they are using is very poor and the dielectric is very poor. HOWEVER -

If the dielectric material was switched to barium strontium titanate doped polymer film, the effects would be magnified by 250,000 times, and if activated carbon derived from palm trees was used as the plate material, that would be improved by a minimum of 30X. I know this. I am NOT STUPID. And I am not the only guy out there that is NOT STUPID. Why on earth all the public experimenters have not taken it past where they have when the answer is so obvious is enough to make me shake my head, I have a hunch they got censored and/or taken out."


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