Saturday, 26 November 2016


More on the DIMENSIONAL warfare ... Some thoughts, of mine, sent privately, to another member, as we were discussing the disclosures in this article:

Note (I do) Veterans Today had never been outed as 'Fake News' until just after publication  of the above! :)

I'm just at the stage of trying to grasp the basics of the underlying physics myself
Quite a head-bang ...
but my first thought, it seems to be about transitioniing (sub-atomic level) ... energy states ... of which brain WAVES are but one (electricity = electrons) ...
i.e. put real simply if i can
think about most choices
the bicameral nature of the mind = most people think in either or choices
no 1 or no 2
that could be thought of as two ELECTRON STATES of the BRAIN ...
You're either eating tomatoes or beans tonight .... and this tech ... can e.g. flip you from one to the other if wanted etc
why? Because essentially it can tap into and switch those thoughts ...
the d-wave explanation of the quantum computing all pretty amazing and I'll be thinking about that pic/explanation on the VT page for some considerable time.
They may also be able to say more as hopefully everyoone in the USA gets kicking the rights asses for the first time in 70 years.
Another first thought as this is specifically mentioned to be TIMELESS ... is that is / must be thus (logic check required here) ... one of the other DIMENSIONS
We have 4D = time
and perhaps one of those other dimensions I've been trying to nail = TIMELESSNESS
hehe Sneaky eh <g>
Isn't that a NECESSARY precept to being able to tap into TIMELESSNESS ... that it EXISTS :)
So add that down as another of the possibles
and the first one we have some 'evidence' of
1D length 2D breadth 3D height 4D time 5D timelessness (absence of time?)
Food for deep thought.
My first thought on that first thought Kazzy
I was right all along
what would CONNECT 4D & 5D ... hehe
Faster and FASTER :)
Let's get this global satanic paedo cult takedown up to LIGHT SPEED kazzy
No time like the PRESENT :)
**NOW** :)


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