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Demonology, the Wars and reconciliations of the Gods

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Very interesting how the god/demon here is also depicted  in appearance in the drawing. Also...the seal is very revealing. The Alpha Omega symbols north and south with a mirrored trinity code encased in the central fingers symbol..a line/wall going through the I lampstand central. Indicative of parallel dimensions/dimension slipping. M and N east/west. Some alien enthusiasts, including Preston James are claiming 'Marduke' is on planet and in Africa at the moment !

In genetic manipulation and experimentation of the past....the monkey with a lizards tail. Clearly shown and drawn here in the above wikipedia offering. We are, some scientists claim, from the monkey / ape species in evolvement/human evolution. Even lies in education contain some trace of hidden truth in them.

A list of the Ars Goetia (list of Demon's) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_demons_in_the_Ars_Goetia.

Knowledge of the arts of magick displayed in the video below in practice.


With regards to necromencing / invoking the spirits using a darkened / blackened mirror. In the dimensional wars...as shown on the video's i have shared of beings from other dimensions crossing into earths 3D dimension...largely unseen by many...and deploying/using advanced weaponry on unsuspecting humans....the dark secret ops and Kabbalists working in them are using this very method of invoking / calling on other beings and spirits even to use the mirrors around us, and as also shown on some of my shared video's....the black glass TV screens to travel and pass through.

As clearly displayed in the video's... http://www.occupythebanks.com/2016/02/world-exclusive-cloaked-alien.html and http://www.occupythebanks.com/2016/03/crucial-mustread-conversation-about.html ....entities are using a multi-dimensional doorway to gain access into the 3rd dimension from other dimensions. The Archways that have been placed in Trafalgar Square and Times Square by the lizard PTB are not only being used by them to travel unseen...but also by their other enslaved as well as enemy beings that they are using from the alien and spirit world in their now widely discussed bigger agenda to enslave and eradicate human soul life.

There are operations happening to free them from cabal ownership as we speak. The unseen wars taking place. Another thing we shall be seeing too is how by them indeed opening Pandora's Box and having tried to misuse it against an entire race on planet (humans) plus other beings in existence..ie the shadow beings, the angels, the goetia, the djinn etc...because they are trying to use them to cause harm....these advanced beings i think we shall be seeing sorting them out their own way for having the disrespect to try to do this. Yes Solomon's (SOL O MON) wisdom was very wise. And i do know they released a certain...entity...from beneath solomon's temple in 1999...not the generated 2000 that they gave in the alternative new's !! For sure !! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excavations_at_the_Temple_Mount which resulted in this happening!

Here we have the Goddess Nut...the protector of Earth and Souls...http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/mythology-nut-mother-gods-007084

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the truest so the saying goes ! Monkey's eat nuts ! Alpha/Omega ..so as at the beginning...as at the end. Here is a lightworkers rendition on the mythology and insight into this particular legend. And the tie-in with Tesla !


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