Monday, 7 November 2016


We have covered elite (and common garden variety) pedophilia on this website since it's start. Sometimes, for the reason of application of the law AND ALSO because I am still a registered barrister-at-law (currently non-practising) ... which has additional duties over an above that of an ordinary citizen, I can't say much, or much at all about things I cover on this blog. Specifically where for instance a police investigation may be in existence, or may be revived, etc, I need to be careful what I say, or say nothing at all. Specifically a duty placed on all barristers irrespective of whether they are practising or not, is a duty to never bring the law into disrepute (note, even if at times, perhaps it NEEDS to be brought into disrepute, so that REFORM can be made, that must come OUTWITH the profession, sort of ... by pressure from YOU citizens!).

Without further ado, AND WITHOUT ANY COMMENT WHATSOEVER on the substance, you'd all better read this post made to another site, and read it in full:

John and Tony Podesta Look Exactly Like Police Sketches of Child Abductors

"Reddit, 4chan, and Twitter have been all over the photos, searching for leads and clues as to where Podesta may have been at the time of her disappearance — but so far have only determined that he may have been on a trip, according to an email released by Wikileaks. The location of his vacation has not been confirmed."

And I need say nothing more at all, for I do believe the McCann disappearance, is still a live investigation.


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