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And so, promised a few days ago privately to a subscriber, here's my current thinking on crypto-currencies, for investment and trading and use... Not much time to explain the why save a word or two, but if you dig just into these coins, you shouldn't be disappointed over the medium to long term.

Note, I'm getting much better at finding geographic and political risk, so for the first time, included, the location of the 'de-centralised' currency's infrastructure (e.g. foundation, corporation, etc), where known, so that you too, can also start to spread your risk not just around COINS, nor just around PLATFORMS, but both of those, plus GEO-POLITICAL risk, which I've put by TRADING BLOCK *and* country, where possible.  So that you can get really specific with GEO-POLITICAL RISK MANAGEMENT


To STORE wealth in, the 'elite' of the crypto's by MARKET CAP (all large) and DAILY TRADING TURNOVER (liquidity), there's still the just the first 3 selected, PLUS a possible NEW ENTRANT

1.  Bitcoin symbol $BTC hash #BTC
2.  Dash symbol $DASH hash #DASH
3.  Monero symbol $XMR hash #XMR

Bitcoin has a lot of the miners in CHINA, DASH has 'masternodes' (which have advantages BUT ALSO provide a neat way to attempt to use REGULATION to take DASH offline ... as they are in known LOCATIONS!).  Thus, Bitcoin with political risk inside CHINA might be a great way of avoiding POLITICAL RISK in Western Europe and North America, for instance.  And DASH a spin on NOT having all one's risk in CHINA; they sort of do go together as RISK SPLIT between EAST & WEST.

King of the anonymity currencies we still have Monero (XMR) both distributed and WITHOUT the masternodes (arguably single points of failure of the whole network) of DASH ...

I'm always trading into and out of Bitcoin; into Bitcoin from FIAT, and out Bitcoin of into alt-coins, so some of each month, I'm holding bitcoin (risk = Chinese), but MOST OF EVERY MONTH, I'm trying to obtain GAINS OVER BITCOIN measure NOT in dollars, remember, but in BITCOINS. Key point. :)

Worthy of mention; Zcash.

The one to watch in this category newly appeared (genesis block) this week: ZCash.  Currently still perhaps way way way overpriced, so don't get burned, and for me, I want to see it stop falling and hit bottom, before I would even consider buying XCash, but it MIGHT enter the list of crypto's to BUY and HOLD, soon, so I mention it here, so you can get up to speed with it at your leisure:  UPDATE: risk may = ISRAEL ... So that works both ways, depending on if you do or do not get on with the State of Israel! lol

Note, Zcash is trying to occupy the SAME space as DASH and MONERO - a privacy/anonymity coin, and so, if Zcash does enter my top ten coins list, at any point, it will likely be in the same category (not replacing) DASH and Monero (both of which I hold at the moment).


More speculatively, for me, as I've only got around to getting very serious about this since the end of the FREE ARDOR offer via Nxt; where upon until a few weeks ago I had all my capital tied up ... Since I got my 10,000+ Free Ardor however, of course, included on the list (I'm not selling), Ardor.

1.  Ardor Symbol $ARDR hash #ARDR
2.  Maidsafe symbol $MAID hash #MAIDSAFE
3.  SuperNET UNITY symbol $UNITY hash #SUPERNET

Each of the above is RISK MANAGED to some extent by PLATFORM as follows:

Ardor = NXT Generation of Crypto-Currencies; specifically
Maidsafe = OMNI coin platform
SuperNet = NXT (infrastructure) specifically see

At the moment, they are the only three digital ASSETS (rather than crypto-currencies) I'm holding.

Ardor is a play on the Nxt Platform's next generation or iteration: the ardorplatform (rather than the infrastructure); thus note, it is a very long-shot (investing in an asset that doesn't yet have a USE, that use, comes later, with the launch of the ardor platform, current ETA = third quarter, 2017.  With Ardor being accepted some months ago into Linux Foundation membership, Ardor is going to be installable from respositories of most Linux distributions perhaps even on the day of launch; that means it is easily installable then on every server runniing linux worldwide, and that's most of them ... going to be HUGE.

MaidsafeCoin is a play on the MAIDSAFE network ... which is the world's first (now seriously funded) attempt at turning the insecure (by default) internet UPSIDE DOWN, encrypting simply everything, by default, considering it RE-INVENTING THE INTERNET from the bottom up, this time, with SECURITY and ANONYMITY as the PRIMARY concerns.  If they pull off this daring plan, consider yourself, to be investing in something like SKYPE before you know, simply EVERYONE ended up with SKYPE :) :)

I've now had a chance to install the maidsafe beta, and though not (by design, yet) functional, it works, and I do like it; nice and simple install on debian, available via respository so easily AUTOMATICALLY updated from now on, I'm UP with MAIDSAFE the network, and I'm now also owner 1300+ $MAID! :)

SuperNET Unity is a play on a pool of assets being put together continuously (as profits feed further acquisitions it seems), that frankly, is already quite complex to understand.  What I saw when I first came across SuperNET Unity however, was clever people behind it as shown by their choice of coins/assets.

That got me interested enough to be paying attention.  And two things pertain dear members:

1) SuperNet unity has a NAV ... and thus, when trading under NAV = obvious profits potential
2) SuperNet Unity is 'thinly traded' i.e. it's possible to 'get stuck' in a trade, it's illiquid at times.

Top Tips

DASH and MONERO do have a trading relationship, the RATIO of one to the other is always changing, but FAIRLY CONSISTENTLY, over a period of weeks and months, not days; PERFECT RATIO SWING TRADE.  I am now attempting to ratio trade DASH:Monero ... which you can do directly (without having to go through bitcoin, with those associated costs), via right here:

I use for general market data (always open in a browser tab, one or more pages):


Note, there is MUCH market data, on each page of INCLUDING LINKS to the official website for the coin or digital asset in question, AND GRAPHS ... explore BEFORE you invest, also note, the link to the coin's page, on forum ... it's sort of 'official thread' where you can pick up the latest on that coin, it's development, etc, etc ... Essentially all three sources of CURRENT, RELEVANT, and OFFICIAL information, all accessible on or from; bookmark it now! :)

More on the other coins in this post re-stated or a new post, or more likely possibly, right here, under this post.  But for now ... if you're new to all of this blockchain, crypto-currencies and digital assets, hopefully this post gives you enough to get reading, AND TAKING ACTION. Get going, below; right NOW!

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

FWIW, of the two exchanges I currently buy / sell on Bittrex and Poloniex ... I must prefer Poloniex, or as it's known in the altcoin community, simply as Polo! :)

That's all for now folks.

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