Thursday, 10 November 2016


And the blackmail by the Military Industrial Complex commences ... ?


"It is an open admission that the Trump campaign was involved in espionage against the United States.

In what is a transparent attempt to avoid arrests of Trump personnel on spying charges, the Russians have said “Embassy personnel” were in contact with Trump before the election. The rules of “diplomats” aka spies working in the United States are clear. They may not operate outside of 50 miles from a Russian embassy or consulate. A former counter-intelligence officer reported to me during the election that if I wanted to find the person, the human being who was instructing the Trump camp on the releases Dan Scavino was using in concert with Russia, I should track Trump camp stops within fifteen miles of a Russian embassy and see who was meeting with the Trump camp.

I told that source that this blog does not have the resources to mount such an operation, alas. Some time later the existence of the FISA warrant was revealed to me by two other counter-intelligence community sources, who separately confirmed its details to me (and who did not know each other).

The statement by Russia that “Embassy” personnel met with the Trump camp is a clear, open statement that they “ran” Donald Trump as an ‘agent of influence’ using spy handlers to do so on American soil, as well as in Moscow."


And as a sign of things to come .... a shot across the bows, as they say 'We can take you down, any time we want' ... Not so ineffective?  Did Trump release those tax returns?  Has the US just suffered reverse takeover by a smarter Putin, and one thousand ... of many thousands of questions, now raised.

Good luck America!  Glad we're through and past Brexit difficulties of overseas interests, this fine day!

Unlike USA!


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