Friday, 4 November 2016


This site, started out to promote open-transactions software, written by just about the cleverest cryptographer that ever did live, Chris Odem

"Stash introduces Stash Node Pro to bitcoin device market
Friday, October 28, 2016 5:45 AM UTC

Stash, Inc., a software start-up providing turnkey financial cryptographic solutions, has announced the release of Stash Node Pro, which is an Open-Transactions based plug-and-play hardware unit that combines bitcoin full node with Open-Transactions.

According to the official release, the Stash Node Pro also combines a variety of cryptographic financial instruments in order to bring users a complete financial cryptographic library. Open-Transactions is a financial system based on cryptographic proofs that enable cost advantages by eliminating server-side theft and fraud.

"It's a bank in a box. Bitcoin professionals and enthusiasts have been seeking a way to gain access to a complete financial and cryptography software suite, and Stash has responded to this demand by creating a self-contained hardware device that addresses a multitude of needs,” Cliff Baltzley, Stash CEO said.

Stash Node Pro is the first Open-Transactions based software that is fully integrated with bitcoin"


And you'll like this bit, if you understand:

"It uses BIP47 payment codes for on-chain transactions, enabling reusable, two-way bitcoin addresses with fungibility and full on chain privacy. It also includes a variety of off-chain financial instruments including invoices, recurring payments, bid/ask exchange, smart contracts, cash, cheques and currency issuance."

The press release in full:

I did warn you:

Sunday, 1 November 2015

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