Wednesday, 5 October 2016


From the comments to this post, which I urge all to read:


Dr. MOSS DAVID POSNER was a Viet Nam draft resistor turned California physician,who rated 5 out of 5 stars with his patients.

He wrote about ADD, had a page at Peacepink, and he worked in the CA prisons, until he was finally forced out, because he kept extensive files about prisoner health, mental health; records of rape, torture and abuse in various CA prion facilities.

In short he was a criminal-a man who practiced a dangerous doctrine of ‘first do no harm.’

And, he believed he too was a target of malicious organized harassment.

The link above is one of his video’s advising targets of organized stalking on how to survive. In other words-Dr. Posner ( unlike Mona, or Glenn, apparently) knew that organized stalking is real, and actual.
He died in 2012."


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