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"Folks, if they are calling EVERYONE home, NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY THEY ARE IN, the GIG IS UP. Duck and cover."
October 11 updated October 12 2016

THIS REPORT IS NOW 100 PERCENT CONFIRMED, WITH MAINSTREAM MEDIA PICKING IT UP (despite lacing the report with lies about why the war is probably going to start) which further confirms the call back really is true.

RUSSIA HAS ORDERED ALL STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD TO RETURN HOME, AND ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, PLUS ALL RUSSIANS LIVING ABROAD WHO ARE NOT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS BUT ARE WORKING JOBS ELSEWHERE AND STILL HAVE THEIR CITIZENSHIP, EVEN IF IT IS DUAL CITIZENSHIP. Most people are not making the point that it is more than just a call back of the college students. I will be buying more food storage tomorrow with whatever I can scrape up to put toward it.

THIS IS THE TRUE MARKER OF WAR ON THE HORIZON. The Russians believe a huge war is going to start, and they don't want people trapped everywhere. Unfortunately, Russia has every right to take it quickly to nuclear.
My hunch? The hidden camera video that was released yesterday, where the Democratic election commissioner from New York talks about plans to steal the election triggered it. Russia knows the election will be stolen beyond a significant doubt and is getting ready for war. Russia obviously knows there will be 1 of 2 scenarios:

1. A major war will be kicked off before election day to stop Americans from voting the bastards who have rabie zombied America into a war state out, -OR-

2. The election will be stolen, and war will happen anyway albeit at a slightly later date.

Folks, if they are calling EVERYONE home, NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY THEY ARE IN, the GIG IS UP. Duck and cover.

DEAR MISTER STUPID WHO HAS NO FOOD STORAGE: SPEND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE NOW AND DO IT. I admit, my food storage is only good for about two months but at least I am not going down day 3. And I could lose a little weight and stretch it to 4 months without being significantly hurt. And it is ALL stuff I eat anyway. NEVER EVER EVER buy food that is not stuff you would normally eat, the "emergency prep packs" are ALL a 10X over priced ticket to misery you won't eat in a million years if nothing happens. Better to make a "mistake" you can eat, and reclaim IN FULL when nothing happens. That way you can be wrong, and not be stupid.

Hey bob, Why do you have 150 jars of cheap spaghetti sauce, 100 pounds of noodles, and 30 jars of peanut butter? ANSWER: I shop for bargains, and that stuff never expires anyway! You won't look stupid. Perhaps a little obsessive, but NOT stupid.
Get it done NOW, NOT LATER. This is the BIG ONE: It is not just "everyone in America return home", NO, IT IS, Everyone in Zimbabwe, Iran, Canada, New Zealand, Paraguay, Andorra, YOU NAME IT, they are calling them ALL back, AND THAT MEANS WAR.

Pre war checklist:

A) Hillary is leaving the public light for 20 days. Right before an election. HMMMMM . . . . the inexplicable explained.
B) Hillary has been talking about war with Russia for a long time.

C) High level people in the U.S. government are accusing Russia of hacking top government computers.

D) The Russians had a nuclear/ bio training drill last week that involved 40 million people.

E) Americans in the Mideast have painted their fighter jets the same color as the Russians. This could be excused off as "training" on American soil, but NOT IN SYRIA.

F) The Russians have told the Americans they will shoot down any jet that attacks Russian or Syrian forces.

G) The candidate that would not spark a war is under intense attacks, in the hopes of sidelining him.

H) The candidate that wants war is provably rigging the polls badly, with hacks, unregistered voters, dead voters, and scam buses taking fraudulent voters to multiple polling sites (see the next report, it has already been stated by the Democratic election commissioner of New York that this will be done this year). The war candidate is hell bent on stealing the election, with the full complicity of a scamming media that is lying about everything, including burying the facts surrounding imminent war with Russia.

I) The Russians moved strategic nuclear assets into position a couple days ago.

J) Russia recalls EVERYONE living abroad.

K) Russia has frozen all diplomatic ties to the U.S.

Tasty little news bites I'd say.

MY CONCLUSION: Though war is not 100 percent certain yet, you'd be mistaken to leave the dog outside with this kind of a storm on the horizon.

You had best prepare.
Radiation will not hurt your food storage

I have extensive nuclear and electronics training, and the following post is accurate. It also ended up being about a lot more than just food.

If we get nuked, and your food storage ends up getting exposed to radioactive dust, or is left in a high radiation zone for a long time, do not worry AT ALL if it is in sealed boxes or other containers the dust cannot get into. No matter how much radiation your food gets exposed to, as long as the actual radioactive materials do not end up mixed with the food itself, the food will be safe.
Unopened tuna in a nuclear dust dune? SAFE. If you can get it out and clean the can before opening it, it will be SAFE. Pack of bagged noodles with nuclear dust on it? SAFE, and guaranteed 100 percent safe if you can squeeze the bag and feel it holds the air in. Wash the bag before opening it, dump the noodles, and have dinner. DITTO FOR EVERYTHING ELSE.

Any radiation the food is exposed to will pass right through it and be gone instantly, forever. The key is making sure you never eat or breathe any of the dust.

Obviously if you have seeds for planting after everything settles down, those have to be kept wherever you are hiding from the radiation because they are alive and will be damaged if they are not protected.

America does not have fallout shelters anymore (because the likes of Hillary want all the "deplorables" and "losers" dead,) so for the initial time after the blast you will have to be in the basement if you have one. Seeking the center of a wood framed house that has no basement will be pointless unless you make a safe zone out of filled water bottles and other items. The general rule is that a foot and a half of water will stop all radiation. That's a lot of water bottles. Absent enough bottles, anything you can put around you (sofas, chairs, books, (whatever) will help. Do it in the center of the house (or a place that has the most walls between you and the outside) on the GROUND FLOOR if there is no basement. If you have a stick built house with a basement, put those bottles on the floor above a corner you will hide in. Everything counts - all the furniture, clothes, tools, whatever you may have, (including your food storage) if you can get that above you it will help a lot. You won't need to stop ALL the radiation, for most people simply reducing the radiation will be enough. The worst, most dangerous part will be over in 3 days. Obviously if you can, wait a week or so before going out for the first time, and keep it short when you do.

And if you hear a stranger break in upstairs (where your food storage is, GO UPSTAIRS WITH YOUR GUN YOU HAD BETTER HAVE, AND DEAL WITH THEM EVEN IF IT IS DURING THE MOST DANGEROUS TIME AFTER A BLAST. They will almost definitely kill you if they broke in, there probably won't be a friendly discussion. Obviously your guns and ammo will be in your radiation safe zone, WITH YOU. And also, I don't need to say that for at least the first couple months, only go out of your safe area when you absolutely have to. (like, to clean the dust off that solar panel you ought to have, so you can at least watch videos and have music in your safe area. Now would be a good time to buy at least a small LED light bulb (the smaller the better if your panel is small.)

Your electronics will work.

Nuclear EMP killing modern electronics is BULLSHIT, there is no mathematical formula whatsoever that outputs an answer that says your flat screen will be dead that is going to be penned by anyone other than a doom freak who is totally unaware of the fact that the circuits in high tech devices have shunts everywhere that will render the type of EMP a nuke produces irrelevant. All modern devices have protection circuits to protect them from static electricity (which produces enormous high energy spikes) and these circuits will also shunt out an EMP from a nuke. It takes a dedicated EMP device to blow out modern electronics, and those have limited range. This is not the "unprotected mosfet 70's" and I am not guessing. Take a small LED flat screen TV and video player down to your safe area and a music player also so you won't get bored to death. If you can power them they will work. And remember, with any solar panel you HAVE TO have a battery because they will power absolutely nothing even when the sun is out if a battery is not there to prevent their output from collapsing. Hmm, Monopoly . . . . cards . . . . chess.
Important throw in - If you see the bomb go off and survive the initial blast, the radiation will not hit you right away. The atmosphere will block ALL hazardous radiation produced more than two miles away from you. You can see the blast and be safe, but when the dust comes you had better be ready, and you might not even see it. For a few people it will take faith to even believe there is a radiation threat. You probably will have a half hour to get everything you need to your shelter area if the bomb did not blow your windows out. If it DID blow your windows out, AT LEAST CLOSE THE DRAPES and blinds to help keep the dust out. I would not push any unsheltered time after a blast past a half hour, if you could see the blast the dust will arrive quickly and you will probably be working in the dark. You had better be at least partially prepared ahead of time.

There is a good chance the grid will be restored in many areas shortly after a nuclear attack. If the power comes back on, and a bomb went off anywhere near you it will not be a sign that all is clear, stay in the shelter anyway and enjoy the power. You might be receiving it from 1000 miles away, where people can still go outside. True, the grid was separated a couple years ago, but all the connections are still there and can be activated. Any grid downings after a limited nuclear strike will probably be temporary, because the lightning arresters will also protect the system against nuclear EMP, which is from an electrical distribution standpoint almost the same thing. The fact there is power won't mean jack with regard to radiation in your area, and if the attack is big enough, well, you can ignore this, the grid won't come back up.

Also - With the type of hazard you will have from the radiation, a simple single layer paper respirator over your mouth (like the doctors wear) will be enough, full blown gas masks are overkill in a nuclear war. Those are for gas attacks, which are much more of a challenge to filter. Obviously if that type of mask is all you have, USE IT. You only need to block the dust even if you can't see it, you need to block ALL OF IT. When you return to your house, Leave your shoes INSIDE, at the door, away from your shelter area. Have a layer of clothing you strip off and leave INSIDE, AT THE DOOR. Only shake things off OUTSIDE, before entering, NOT INSIDE. Obviously you will be smart enough to have all the windows and doors shut tightly. Leave the respirator AT THE DOOR, INSIDE, away from your shelter area. You will not notice you got too much radiation until it is too late, the effects are not immediate. And then you'll die. DO NOT go outside to play just because everything seems ok! In ALL CASES, if a nuke went off nearby you had better play it safe and stay in your shelter COMPLETELY for the first 3 days, and as much as possible for at least a month.

If Russia really does attack and it is not a false flag psy op, there is a chance your cell phone will still work after a nuclear strike until the batteries in the tower die. That won't take more than a few hours if people discover they can connect and jam all the lines so you had better be one of the people jamming the lines if you want to announce you are alive. Get it done and get off the phone so other people can announce they are alive. The land lines will probably all be completely blown out by EMP. You can forget those.

NEVER ANSWER THE DOOR, NO MATTER WHAT, EVEN IF YOU HEAR HELICOPTERS. If you don't need help, NEVER LET IT IN. Your shelter will be much better than a FEMA camp, beyond all doubt.

I might do a better report later. I rattled this one off. The "all Russians return home" announcement was enough to make me do a panic post and it is time for bed.


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