Saturday, 29 October 2016


The redoubltable Mr Bartley ... I'm going to get in touch with this chap at some point ...

The End of Reptilian Overlordship Part 1 - James Bartley

Listen very carefully especially to the first 20-40 minutes.

I've tried to get police & military to understand some of this ... and with a CRYSTAL METH addict EATING a police officer and telling the police who turned up 'SATAN MADE ME DO IT' ... perhaps, I'll even start to convince 19119 ...

If a little green man walked down the street, you'd have no problem calling them an ALIEN, but when a certain proportion of the 'human' population is BIOLOGICALLY DIFFERENT ....

Somehow, no one seems to understand, even when what's FUNCTIONALLY DIFFERENT, even looks, well now, top right, ALIEN ... ?   No one seems to get it I fear, perhaps save James and I, what's really going on here.  And I do so try ever so hard, to stop policemen getting eaten, by SATAN.

The End of the Reptilian Overlordship Part 2 - James Bartley


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