Friday, 21 October 2016


Reads bottom to top:

  1. If u don't cheap USB stick fast/easy ... :)
  2. 3) backup (not connected to the Net) ... u do have one don't you? :) lol
  3. 2) make sure your OS is fully updated / patched
  4. Basics 1) wrap down your machine (uninstall everything not essential) ... close the ways they can get in down :)
  5. Use-> Earn 5.0 for each user who joins!!
  6. This user does not exist. inbound my end ... hehe ... I do exist <g> ....
  7. If they take down routing you won't be able to reach the sites THEN, so ...
  8. 1) (expert bundle) use tor to route: 2) + 3) Peachy:)
  9. use that layer which avoids DNS entirely ... :) 2) + 3)
  10. One of the few possible ways around DNS going down totally taking you out might be 1) (expert bundle)
  11. Multiply the ways you can stay in touch with those you need to asap :)

And is wise advice.

None wiser, however, than now would be a great time to get onto Debian (or any Linux/Unix):


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