Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I've been digging not into encrypted storage, but SURVIVAL storage SOLUTIONS: 'on the go' futureproof solutions ... and ...

"Corsair Flash Survivor 256GB USB Flash Drive Product Description
- Product Type: USB flash drive
- Storage Capacity: 256GB
- Compatibility: Non-specific

- Interface Type: USB 3.0
- Features: Shock-proof, waterproof, vibration-proof, aircraft-grade aluminium housing

Software / System Requirements
- OS Required: Apple MacOS 9.x or later, Linux Kernel 2.4.2 or later, Microsoft Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7

Manufacturer Warranty
- Service & Support: 5 years warranty
- Service & Support Details: Limited warranty - 5 years

Dimensions & Weight
- Weight: 37g

If you're feeling in the mood, that's the sort of product, I just added to my ebuyer wishlist.

And if the situation gets much worse, it will be bought & ... more on what essential data to get on it right away, as I work through making up my own lists, and 'getting it done'.

Any of you with multiple locations to make nice, note, ubiquitious computing just got real with the Raspberry PI & other such boards ... Enjoy: e.g. dedicated music /video player; NAS, owncloud, etc, etc

Buy via e.g.

If you can hit the shop, when they're not sold out!!

Or as one member-buyer put it to me about the Raspberry PI ... "Cool Bananas!"

Think e.g. how PORTABLE the PI is ... Your quite literally computer, in your backpack bug out bag?

Note USB 3 device IS backwards compatible; thus you can exchange e.g. the USB stick into a machine you come across (at friends, strangers, internet cafe's etc) or of course, plug it into you own Pi with a borrowed screen, or any screen you have (they're dirt cheap second hand :)) ... at your bug out location.

The power of a laptop in two tiny devices, which work together.  And of course, you can put your REGULAR BACKUPS of your CRYPTO-CURRENCY WALLETS, min, onto your survival stick ... Cash, on the go ... :)


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