Thursday, 1 September 2016


Browser tab dump intel update mixed-hotchpotch:

Notice "the results will need to be heavily cleansed ..."

"More TSA employees have been arrested than terrorists, by a factor of 100 to 1."

”There is no question that in the Western world we have an increase in ritualistic, satanic crime.”

Pic I'd seen, still online; become very relevant, with Judge Goddard not replying to now I understand four written requests to attend parliament to explain her resignation:

Didn't think women could be freemasons?

David Cameron hosted freemasons event at Westminster

German Ex-Chancellor Schroeder Slams EU’s Anti-Russian Policy:

Princess Diana death {murder?} ... 19th Anniversary ...

VIDEO: Ex MI5 Agent Reveals The Real reason Princess Diana Was Killed-

Documentary/Feature; for the stressed; nature & outside, always calms.

Deadliest Earthquake on Mount Everest - Full Documentary

Onto Supernatural Spirit Magic School (next post).


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