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"There is but a short time left where US dollars and US Treasury bonds, are viewed as ‘safe haven’, as under current illusion. US leaders know the clock is ticking, and there will shortly be a new global trade order, in which the US will need to pay for its imports with something of real, concrete value – not more US debt paper.

In this period of fading US power, the US ruling elites are trying to leverage all their assets – military reach, control of global resource flows, and alliances such as Nato – to maximise their position before the US dollar and Treasury bond crisis occurs.

Partly because of the nature of modern media technology – and partly because of the intensive long-running propaganda operations of the US itself, selling to the world the misleading ‘Hollywood movie’ image of America, and the CIA-rubbish of Google – the US regime must attempt to cover for its dishonest, aggressive, international-law-violating actions, with a strong dose of media propaganda.

We are now in a situation where, for example, the average European citizen and European business person, is not inclined to accept the official Nato hostility toward Russia. European governments can feel the alienation of their voters to the degree they follow the US positioning. The US framework needs quite heavy propaganda and deception, to maintain some thin reeds of quasi-credibility for itself and its partners.

As US propaganda is exposed as a deceptive fraud, leaders of other countries, even in Nato, become too embarrassed to go along with extremist US positioning. In the last year we have seen a number of US-led lies and frauds exposed, in the situation in Syria, in Ukraine, and in other matters. This exposure has been led by media which are not tied to the CIA and US government – media from non-Nato countries, and media by independent journalists, bloggers and dissidents, who fight to expose the lies, despite US attempts to blanket the internet with false information.

This is where the desperately lying – and now failing – CIA ‘Operation Fake Dissident’ Snowden comes in, where we see this hoaxer Snowden, and his partners such as Glenn Greenwald, trying to restore some of the lustre to the CIA media programme, even attempting to create a new CIA-backed ‘alternative media’ to help crush the genuine alternative media who are telling the truth about America."

Continues.  You'd better get reading.

We did tell you:
So which is it Glen Greenwald?
Too thick to work out the basics about 911?
Or too busy enjoying the CIA salary?
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