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You HAVE TO watch this, it will blow your socks off, not only the actual STORY that is told, but the sheer courage and authenticity of the story teller.

Please spread this one around, it's essential viewing for people to perceive the Orwellian reality taking form around us. Sometimes a thing is so obvious—like the nose on your face—but you fail to see it.

DIARY OF A PERSON OF INTEREST: Exiled Kiwi journalist @Suzi3D (aka @endarken) blows the lid on FVEY in new documentary
Kiwi journalist and activist Suzie Dawson has been extensively targeted by Western intelligence agencies and their contractors.
In the wake of several overt attempts on her life, she had to leave her home in New Zealand to live in exile in Europe.
In her unique new documentary "Diary of a Person of Interest", Suzie details in a clear, concise and credible way what it is really like to be a target of the Five Eyes; covering off why she was targeted, who she was targeted by, how they targeted her, what their end game is and how to try to counter it.
Suzie says: "Hey guys, thank you for watching and sharing my first film. The events depicted in it roughly cover the period October 2011 to January 2015. Some may find the topics discussed here terrifying - but it is reality in this day and age and to change it we have to face it. There is a lot more yet to be revealed about my story, what I did and what has happened to me since becoming exiled. So you can expect more content from me and soon. If you want to reach out, or to walk with me on my journey you can follow me on Twitter: @Suzi3D or keep an eye on my website: The more friendly eyes I have on me, the safer I am and the better chance I have to be able to continue my work. Please, pass this video on to anyone who you think may be a target, as the information presented here can be the difference between sanity and a breakdown, to someone going through it. Thank you so much for your support."
Viewing Guide:
Intro: 00:00:00
Part 1: Occupy 00:00:43
- Our Purpose 00:02:25
Part 2: Why You? 00:05:27
- Occupy 00:05:58
- Anonymous 00:06:31
- Kim Dotcom 00:07:06
- Internet Party 00:08:19
- GCSB 00:08:55
- FVEY 00:09:28
- Shihad 00:09:51
- Snowden/Greenwald 00:10:42
- Moment of Truth (#MoT) 00:10:56
- The Intercept/Nicky Hager/NSA 00:15:00
- #TPPANoWay 00:15:41
- #NZ4Gaza 00:16:!5
- #SaveGI 00:16:48
- Exile / Berlin 00:17:12
- WikiLeaks 00:17:42
Part 3: Who Does It? 00:18:42
- State Agencies 00:19:04
- Private Agencies 00:21:37
Part 4: The Targets 00:24:04
Part 5: How? 00:26:43
- Physical Surveillance 00:27:57
- Signals Surveillance 00:29:53
- Public Surveillance 00:31:39
- Harassment 00:35:03
- Isolation 00:43:53
- Sabotage 00:47:56
- Entrapment 00:51:11
- Social Engineering 00:51:57
- Institutionalisation 00:55:09
- Assassination Attempts 00:58:25
Part 6: What Do They Want? 01:01:18
- What You Learn To Do 01:02:53
Credits: 01:04:26
Music by: Redline
YouTube: RedlineBand
Suzie's original article titled 'Diary of a Person of Interest' can be found here:
Her debrief and speech notes from her 2015 Chaos Communications Camp talk of the same name can be read here:
The extent of the havoc wreaked by American political interests in New Zealand (particularly since 2008) is best explained by Suzie's colossal article "The Desecration of New Zealand" which can be read here:
You can help to support Suzie and her family in exile by donating via her website:, and by spreading the word about this documentary.


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