Wednesday, 21 September 2016


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What to make of this? Is it camera trouble, or something else?

 The stripes on the flag aren't distorted. But where's Hillary?

Hmm.  Why are the microphone stalks also jazzed up? Note, the microphone shadows fall onto her, so the microphones are part of the illusion, if that is what it is.

What you see on the mobile phone cameras is not the same as the background:

One more thing, notice how she doesn't seem to throw a shadow onto the flag behind her, while, for example, at 10:31 we do see a cameraman's shadow in the corner of the picture.

Another one more thing. IF this is an illusion, then the podium and the lady she hugs at the beginning, are also part of it. Were there any crowd witnesses and photos from the crowd's perspective, on the internet??


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