Tuesday, 13 September 2016



"The PAR Foundation was founded in 2016 by Brian Kelly, Jacob Dienelt, Michael Sofaer, and George Samman. The focus of PAR is development of the world’s first transparent administration and audit application for lending and hedge funds, using blockchain technology behind the scenes. Its system has foundations in both public and private ledger technology.

The protocol will enable intelligent lending and hedge fund management using the Ripple Interledger, partnered with the Tendermint consensus mechanism. The network will provide leverage for cross-chain swapping and use Nautiluscoin (NAUT) as the native currency.

Users within the PAR network will receive discounted rates when utilizing Nautiluscoin with the application. PAR has similarities to the BlackRock Aladdin Platform but differs in various ways while acting more like a crypto-bridge."


My emphasis supplied.

Nautilus coin ... definitely one to watch, if not start acquiring sniping away at it or any major dips, right away.

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