Saturday, 13 August 2016


If anyone like me is struggling to locate the vericoin wallet update, right click this, selet download, download (to your usual downloads location, so you don't lose it again!) ...

From: I get (for MY linux install - a 64-bit architecture)

See for YOUR applicable download if installing for the first time...

and I think, just DOUBLE CLICK/run as program to install the latest version of Vericoin wallet ...

So you can STAKE your slice of internet history:

VeriCoin Wallet. How to stake my coins?

Like so.

 I'll test in a moment, and confirm by way of update to this page. Just as soon as I've managed it, with any variation on the above, clearly stated, if one is required!


A little more complicated.

  1. download the file relevant to you if upgrading
  2. right click the file, click properties, tick the box "Allow executing file as program"
  3. open a terminal in the folder where the download is (or where you have moved it to, if you want it to install into a specific directory (folder) ... I have a single folder called "crypto" for all my wallet installations that are not forced to go elsewhere, during installation ... easy to backup .. and enter

  4. ./

    NOTE the ./ in front of the file name = correct :) 
    Obviously if you downloaded a different wallet architecture, but you're still on Linux, simply replace
    With your version of the software upgrade

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