Saturday, 20 August 2016


Real simple, this one, and something I'm thinking of turning into a business opportunity myself, in a way I'm currently starting discussions with a few interested members ...

If you private web member, might be interested to invest in anything that I get Up and running commercially, please DO get in touch with me by DM or preferably via mega chat (persistent record of that inside mega; easy to refer back to and New Zealand domiciled, OUTSIDE of the USA ... )

Without further ado, how you HOLD bitcoin OFFSHORE and COMPLETELY ANONYMOUSLY, without providing VERIFICATION of IDENITY ... if you ONLY transfer in via bitcoin, and out, likewise:

And how, you SPEND that money OR TAKE IT OUT OF THE WALL via ATM, with NO NAME attached to the card, which you use, to do so:

COMPLETE PRIVACY, when combined with an OFFSHORE COMPANY ... on which of more, to anyone interested, who contacts me ... via mega or DM ...  the area in which I'm thinking along with at least one other member, of starting up a commercial venture.

In the unlikely even some of you do not already now, I own (among others).  If a slice of the action is something that interests you (i.e. as an investor), of course, private members, get first dobbs on investing, in any venture that I get UP, that needs start-up capital.

I will of course, if there is interest, make sure you CAN afford to invest (ensure there is a low minimum investment, just for YOU!) ...


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