Wednesday, 10 August 2016


And so, if you're not so able to follow what we're up to here with covering nxt assets and dividends, and developments (of which many more over the years ahead) ... understand with my background, I'm wiring you into the possible winner infrastructure projects of the NEXT generation of cryptocurrencies and assets.

Would you have liked to have got into Bitcoin when it was UNHEARD of ....
Welcome to a whole new host of INFRASTRUCTURE that will power the NEXT digital economy.

Don't worry too much about NOT UNDERSTANDING things atm, I don't either, I'm getting UP TO SPEED FASTER and FASTER though ...

And you should too :)

I'll take a moment at some point over the week or two ahead to consolidate the NXT posts so far made, into one easy chart for all our references ... as I'm slowly gathering the required data to help us all understand the opportunities, risks and potential rewards.

For the time being undersand there is INFRASTRUCTURE being built here ... and that's like owning INFRASTRUCTURE shares ... e.g. would you like for instance to get the TOLLS on a new TOLL ROAD; perhaps a better analogy to those who have ever invested in shares might be would you like to own e.g. water company shares ... EVERYONE pays for WATER .... not SEXY, just REGULARLY profitable in SMALL SUMS ...

Whilst everyone else tries (and most often fails) to get in on the 'next big thing', I fully intend to try buy up as many DIVIDEND paying ASSETS as I can that are INFRASTRUCTURE assets, or FUND assets, paying DIVIDENDS .... in INFRASTRUCTURE projects ...

I want REGULAR income AS WELL AS capital growth and these types of assets present an opportunity to get BOTH ... well before the 'market' catches on ... which I deeply suspect it will start to from BEFORE 12th October 2016 ... the day the FREE ARDOR opportunity goes away = the day, people have a REASON TO SPEND THEIR NXT (or of course, SELL nxt).

I don't want to be holding nxt when there is a mass sell off (and neither do you), I want to be ALREADY invested, or CAPABLE and READY to, at the click of a button, BEFORE, or seconds after any selloff occurs; I want to SPEND my NXT when it is HIGH, not low. :)


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