Tuesday, 16 August 2016


There is the offical nxt web wallet

And there is the local nxt install wallet

And then, there is darker and darker into the deeper holes ...


nxt nodes, open to the public ...

I assume, no increase in privacy, except of course ... perhaps a JUMP in LEGAL JURISDICTION.

Where the server running the node, is located.

I'd have to think MUCH MORE, and much more DEEPLY, before I could work out what if any advantages differnt ACCESS POINTS into your wealth might bring ...

But of course, if one can log into one's nxt account FROM ANY PUBLIC NODE

Whether you realised it or not before, your nxt accounts just went globally portable

Just remember to take your NXT account address & of course, password .. And I assume e.g. I could now log into ANY of my nxt accounts (I have two on the go atm: web & local DAPP (distributed Application).

Welcome to BLOCKCHAIN technology; available worldwide; distributed worldwide; with ACCESS POINTS worldwide developing (aka PUBLIC NODE infrastructure) ... :)

I suspect if you get your local machine trashed (you might need a private key backup .... I'll look into that) ... you might just NOT have lost ANYTHING, if you can as I increasingly suspect, log into your account EVEN AFTER node DISASTER, via a public node, and ... all your assets are still there....

Digging, deeper and deeper, into nxt.org ... as you can see.


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