Thursday, 11 August 2016


We introduced you too open-transactions, two years, before Forbes covered it:

Making Blockchain Waves With National Currencies Mobilizing Centralized Order Matching via @forbes

And we told you all about WAVES PLATFORM well before Forbes just did, too! :)

Most significant developments:

The Bank of England has created its own version of Bitcoin via @bi_contributors

Now or never; mass adoption our new system

or we get theirs ...

That simple.

To you my subscriber; one of the only 20 or so peeps on earth, who I know I need say no more.

Nxt TUTORIAL sorta ... how to use NXT PRIVATELY ... welcome to SHUFFLING

Bitcoin Rush w/ N X T - show w/ Coin-Shuffling, Account Control, CORE(Media), Mr. Bas Wisselink

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