Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Meet: Coinomat

"Exchange USD to CoinoUSD, or EUR to CoinoEUR. It’s easy. Your fiat money will not lose value as the Coino assets are pegged to the fiat value.

You earn interest (0.06% daily at the moment, which is 24% per year) just by holding your Coino assets in your safe and personal Nxt wallet. Now that’s a quite a bit more than my bank offers me and no doubt what yours offers you. No registration required and you can withdraw to any VISA/Mastercard whenever you want."

reminder: withdraw your coin right out of the wall in FIAT via bank ATM with coinomat! :)

I have no idea if the above is still valid info (on gaining daily interest); DIG anyone! <g>

Let me know if you beat me to it :) And I will report back for all of us.


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