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A Hedge fund, on nxt ...


Asset ID: 10160127190599911503
Issuer account: NXT-CKL3-G77Y-6LFW-H7XHC
Direct BTC investment address: 1HFNxT1y8aUMVREEFpoHwoVdac7rfGxaDh     OR      send MGW bitcoin "superBTC assetID: asset ID:12659653638116877017" assets to the issuer account


-Basic criteria is working how business angels for interesting enterprises and ideas.
-Investments are prioritized with ethics, social and ecological projects.
-Investing in assets denominated in all crypto-currencies. But priority is for all nominated in BTC.
-Investing in stocks, bonds, funds and loans.
-Initially all business are in Internet but in one future it's possible invest also in stock markets (ex. NASDAQ, NYSE, EUROSTOCK, ...).
-Looking to increase value investing. Normally reinvest a percentage of the profits.
-Invest looking sustainable and to diversify risk.

Economic management

-Dividend payout (aprox): 50%. Normally weekly. Dividends are not regular
-Any costs that may occur will be deducted from incomes
-Administration fee: 5%
-Divestments can generate extraordinary dividends

Basic Data:

-Each share will be valued in bitcoins
-Value per share: 0.00175BTC "updated after first week"
-Initially issued 1,000,000.00 assets, in case all of them are sold out, another asset with more supply could be created and old assets
-The shares sold in the nxt asset exchange from the issuer account will be adjusted to a price accordingly to their value in BTC as often as considered. “At the time writing, each share would cost 41nxt”
-Current weekly dividends are around 1%

Business information:

The company Bitcoin Investors Trust, SLU it's a company founded as limited society en the year 2015 in Girona, although the first managed fund started to list in LitecoinInvest.com in the month of March of the year 2014.
Currently manage the investment funds “Hedge Fund BTC (in bitcoins)”, “Hedge Fund Litecoin (in litecoins)” and “Hedge Fund EUR(in euros)” in addition to this new fund.
It has over 200 small shareholders.
Its goal is the investment in crypto-currency related projects.
Currently, the invested capital in the company is around 500,000€.

Main investments:

-100% of ATMs Bitcoin Exchange, SLU. This company manages Bitcoin ATMs distributed among the Spanish national territory-> see map

-100% of Bitphone. In this web you can refill your phone with the most important operators of more than 100 countries with your bitcoins.

- 40% of Cryptobit, SL. This company has developed an application which allows bussines to collect their charges in BTC.

-16.67% of the mining farm HashingWorld. There you can mine both sha256 and script coins on request.

-15% of bit2me. In this web you can buy and sell bitcoins online in every ATM from the Halcash network

-40% of BTC Fácil. This company is specialized in IT developments related to bitcoin. Thanks to a technological agreements with the University Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, a team of higly qualified engineers works researching and developing products for the virtual universe.

-The asset exchange webpage LitecoinInvest The investment fund has propriety over the unsold shares of Sketis-Invest. This web easily allows the exchange of shares from crypto-projects which wish to enable trading over their shares.

-Other minor investments in cloud mining and altcoin funds

General conditions:

-Dividends will be paid every Tuesday
-Asset sells from issuer account will be halted Sundays around 00:00 GMT +1 and dividends will be calculated at some point along the Tuesdays, so keep your assets till the dividend payment is received.
-The profitability is obtained from the earnings of the investments in business: Current profitability does not guarantee future profitability.
-We can stop selling assets when we consider appropriate.
-In order to request a buyback, initially must have been passed 6 months since the investment, although we didn't have any cases after one year of operation. So if the case is given, we can negotiate a buyback before 6 months.
-Private investors are accepted.
-Even if you are one big investor, you can't own the company. This doesn't mean you can't participate, you will be more than welcome, but we have a democratic and historical way to manage the company, so the old members, specially the founders, will have the last word, but they will hear suggestions with good reasoning.

Personal opinions, suggestions and short history about the fund:

-I'm starting this fund after getting permission from company CEO's "Miquel Pavón", a guy I recently had the pleasure to know and meet with in person. I recently invested in his company with my litecoins because I see it as a very good business with almost any competition in our country, so the grow potential is tremendous and this weekly benefits makes sense for me with the BTC ATMs fees and profits from selling them.
Although other main members of the company aren't so keen on nxt, Miquel has heard me and accepted the idea of make this fund, so I will do my bests for manage it with your help, and maybe, if this works properly, other members of the company start to see nxt with other eyes and become more interested in it "I think this would be great cause this company works at street level, so this would definitively boost nxt".
I'm not promissing anything about the company working with nxt, all I managed to get is create this fund "I suggested many other ideas about how to use nxt, but they aren't interested", so let's try to make this work and grab their attention.

-For bulk orders of shares, I strongly suggest to contact me for buy them directly in BTC and prevent us from dumping more nxt in order to get bitcoins. I will accept also multigateway bitcoins.

-Even for small orders, If you "as me" prefer not to dump nxt in the market, you can also contact me in the fund nxt account through nxt AM, or here in the forum in order to make the deal directly in BTC and transfer the assets to your account instead of buy them directly in the asset exchange. If you send superBTC "asset ID:12659653638116877017" directly to my nxt account, you don't need to contact me previously, but if you send to the fund BTC address, please contact me first for identify the buyer.

-The risks I see for this company, are more or less the same risks as bitcoin failing "that's why the price is fixed in BTC". The short term purpose of this company is with bitcoin ATMs, so not a really big risk here, other departments work with more risky matters, but the biggest part is in ATMs. If some money is lost from other activities, we could expect lower dividends till it's balanced.
In case the company bankrupts, there are many physical things to sell and pay earnings as dividends "hope this never become a necessity".

-In the short term, we are building 6 more ATMs, and there are around 50 incoming

-As universal rule for any investment: DO NOT INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE"


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