Friday, 12 August 2016


And so after a HUGE HUGE HUGE hunt, and a LOT of digging, digging digging ... finally found!

And this one I believe is the REAL DEAL ...

"Liquid Technologies is a crypto currency trading fund. LQD REPLACES LIQUID (previous asset symbol). Please see for more details. LQD ASSETS are bearer assets issued via a digitally signed certificate on the NXT AE. The issuer maintains no records of who owns the assets. Ownership is transferred by transferring the digital certificate representing a particular asset. Whoever can demonstrate ownership of the private-key securing the certificate is presumed to own the asset."

Asset Id17750387231635486778

I've been trying to hunt this one down since I first heard of it; here's why ... CONFIRMED:

"Asset Dividend History
Date Dividend Height Total Accounts Amount Per Share
8/2/2016 2:04:37 896711 429,495.15 199 1.310
7/1/2016 18:47:55 851795 542,617.18 194 1.650
6/1/2016 11:26:50 808087 1,010,889.32 204 3.107
5/1/2016 16:00:51 763112 378,042.77 213 1.162
3/1/2016 12:07:10 675859 1,436,398.28 216 4.426
2/1/2016 21:30:44 634919 411,389.98 236 1.271"

And I'm not so sure, that is a record of all the dividends etc ... actually paid... but NOTE carefully, the Asset ID above is the CORRECT one ...

"LQD Markets

LQD Shares Released (November 6, 2015)

IMPORTANT: Interested investors, see LQD (17750387231635486778). DO NOT PURCHASE LIQUID (4630752101777892988). It will NO LONGER receive dividends. If you still have LIQUID, please see redemption details here to exchange your LIQUID for LQD."

And CONFIRMATION I was RIGHT about the DIVIDENDS .. hehe
Which leaves only one thing left

From the FAQ: selected questions / answers only ... 


How do I join?

If you own shares of LQD, you're on the team, congrats! The best places to get LQD shares are Poloniex or through the NXT wallet (Asset ID #17750387231635486778). Each share of LQD entitles you to a share of each month's dividends.

How do I receive my dividend?

Once you own shares of LQD, that's all you need to do. If your LQD is in your NXT wallet, you'll automatically be credited your share of the dividend each month to that wallet as either a ledger entry or transaction. If you're holding your LQD on Poloniex, Poloniex will credit your Poloniex account usually within a week.

Where can I see current positions?
LQD's balance sheet is updated every minute here.

Where are the LQD forums?

I'd like to refer a friend. Do you have a referal bonus program?
Sorry, there is currently no friend referral program.

Do you have an email where I can contact you directly?
Yes, feel free to contact me anytime at"

And see ALL THE DIVIDENDS; in MUCHO detail here >


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