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And so a few words about cryptocurrencies, portfolios, how to acquire them, which coins I like right now, etc, etc, etc ... 8 weeks+ into trading (two of those on hols unable to trade whilst the biggest moves in bitcoin-space in 2+ years went down; bitfinex almost going under!

And so, the likes, and dislikes and a few words why:

Long Term - big boys

These coins STORE wealth well ... 

1. Bitcoin - no more needs be said; the market leader (and your BASIS currency :))
2. Dash - the everyday 'money' use case & with GOOD PRIVACY
3. Monero - the darknet play (anonymity)

and rise, more often, than fall, short, medium & long-term.  They have in all three, great developers, who are cryptographers, not just 'coders'.  They also each have a COMMUNITY and passionate followers, of which, I am one.

4. Nxt - is the future now; it just needs adding ALL OF YOU ... the platform play.  You need to get UP with nxt RIGHT NOW if you've not already! (see: )

It's next closest PLATFORM competitor, though not necessarily DIRECT competitor =

5. Waves - adds fiat currency tokens (like USDT on and so may go HUGE (and with not yet released BASIC functionality is stll a HIGH RISK asset, the only one out of these five which does NOT yet warrant being in this part of this list; but included here so you start to learn the ANATOMY of this new digital currencies and assets future.

At the moment NXT is where its at due to this offer, also ... one you'd have to be MAD to turn down:

Ardor $ARDR is the next generation of $NXT crypto-currency; specifically it's designed to be a 'smartcoin' I think; i.e. it's a NEWER TYPE of money, one that can be used for smart-contracting; it's symbols is $ARDR aka ARDR. (see: )

Ardor and Waves will DIRECTLY compete I currently believe ... both SMART-PLATFORMS, and all the 'moving forwards' assets currently available in (see: ) will trafer over to ardorplatform I suspect (perhaps as simple as a code merge between & ardor once ardor is live .... all i.e. done automatically, along those lines, I suspect as a simple upgrade & done. 

Currently expected timescales on BOTH platforms is thus around 3rd quarter 2017; but is already available and I am already starting to acquire assets via that should PROFIT FROM ALL OF THIS ... see more below for details on the first one.

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

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Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!


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