Monday, 25 July 2016


Owning some of the last post I understand, we have:

"NXTprivacy will contain various privacy related projects. It will hold significant percentages of several other privacy related assets, like Privatebet and NXTcard, and it will also create privacyServer software for server hosts to run. Any dividends NXTprivacy receives from assets it holds, will be redistributed to its assetholders on a prorata basis. The privacyServer software will provide services for customers that will allow server hosts to recoup some or all of their costs in maintaining a NXT node. Additionally, NXTprivacy will make a market in privateNXT. Please follow the section on NXTprivacy for more information."

Account: NXT-DE2F-W76R-GL25-HMFPR
Asset Id: 17911762572811467637

"‘Since there isn’t a lot of liquidity on the sell side, I can offer bulk amounts direct in BTC or NXT, 1% discount from market price per BTC to a max discount of 20%, but only for a limited time and total amount. PrivateBET [asset ID 17083334802666450484] is majority owned by NXTprivacy [ID 17911762572811467637], which SuperNET has 25% stake in.’"


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