Monday, 4 July 2016


Final bit of advice to my American friends/readers ...

Sell ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that's not ESSENTIAL to own NOW .... and spend the revenue raised on what MAY BE CRUCIAL to own, in days, weeks, or AT MOST NOW .... only perhaps TWO MONTHS away.

Sell it whilst there is a buyer for it; sell it at any price; buy FOOD, buy ammo (especially if anywhere in or near a LARGE CITY), and all those neighbours you may have spent the past few years THINKING ABOUT contacting to form you local STREET LEVEL self-protection militia - approach them NOW.

When this kicks off, and it seems now TOTALLY INEVITABLE that it WILL kick off VERY SOON INDEED, it will be TOO LATE.

You must grab your balls and find out NOW, who in our local community is going to do the RIGHT THING, even at the cost of their life; and who, is just another scumbag who for a few dollars, is going to shop you to the local NAZIS.

Good luck to all; we're clining on to our democracy with our FINGERTIPS over here inteh UK now; with every two bit FUCK of a NAZI coming out of the woodwork faster and faster; expect the SAME your end starting ANY SECOND.

So much love.

Back to the UK tomorrow; normal posting resuming.

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