Monday, 25 July 2016


And so ... faster and faster

more possibly interesting assets to peruse:

1 Atomic is a NXTventure project with the official thread at

‘ATOMIC is a DAC, the asset holders actually "own" the company. So lets say that ATOMIC makes a profit of $100 during the monthly period and you own 25% of atomic assets. You would get $25 of the $100 as a 25% owner of the DAC. The profit is coming from minimal exchange and ledger recording fees. I believe it was jl777 who said that we will keep the fees pretty low in the early stages to attract more users but you're still getting your cut of the profits dependent directly on how much of the DAC you own.’, writes Cryptaxe. Asset ID 11694807213441909013.

Account: NXT-XRK4-5HYK-5965-9FH4Z
Asset Id: 11694807213441909013



BTCD has been integrated into the exchange. You can exchange it to other crypto as well as to fiat, inlcuding withdrawals to any Visa/Master card and bank transfer. All crypto exchanges are instant.

Internal balances

Coinomat has enabled interest-bearing accounts at If you maintain a balance of 10 USD (/EUR) and above you are credited with a daily interest of 0.06% (currently). The interest is credited every day.

If you are a CoinoUSD holder you are eligible for interest payments, without even depositing your CoinoUSD at your account. In order to connect your NXT account with your account for receiving CoinoUSD interest you need to log in at using token authorization in your NXT client. After that the interest is credited to your account as long as you keep CoinoUSD in your NXT or account. 1 CoinoUSD = 1 USD."


"SuperNET CORE coins









Smart people, should think about following some of the decisions, of even smarter people.

I got some FIBRE already ... and BBR .. what about you?


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