Monday, 25 July 2016


What's the difference between SuperNET, Iguana, and SuperMESH ?

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How Iguana & SuperNET fit together?

Iguana is the core platform of SuperNET. Iguana is the API provider for different functions and features using which different set of applications can be developed using that.
SuperNET uses Iguanacore APIs and runs multiple blockchains at the same time, with the choice of running some blockchains in lite mode (Basilisk mode, it's called in iguana), and some with full blockchain data available locally (with iguana full blockchain data is far lesser than the actual implementations of that X cryptocurrency you'll find).
SuperNET as can run multiple blockchains at the same time, that creates a network of Iguana nodes, in a similar way any other specific Crypto currency network is made. The difference is those crypto currencies only are a network of ONLY 1 specific currency, and serving their specific features and functions in that network.
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