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09.03.2015 - SuperNET is officially welcoming Fibrecoin as its latest CORE coin from today on Smiley

16.01.2015 - Fibre is part of the OCUPY.NET platform with its own blockchain;topicseen#msg10167964

24.10.2014 - Fibre Offers Anonymity Privacy And So Much More

22.10.2014 - Fibre ZeroTrust © Transaction Privacy Design

20.10.2014 - Bitcoin-Qt v0.9.3 Including FibreLock Released

12.10.2014 - Fibre Revision 3 Roadmap Revealed - Accessibility

10.10.2014 - Fibre Revision 2 Ninja Launched

Fibre is a new digital currency that aims to empower the people.
It allows individuals to participate in the internet economy even when they live in countries where credit card companies and paypal do not operate.
Unlike other forms of payment, Fibre is not controlled by any single authority.
No one can freeze funds, impose a waiting period, or charge you arbitrary fees.
Transactions are instant, cost almost no fees, and are irreversible.
Fibre is secure, stable and easy to use by design.

Fibredark is our solution that gives our users the choice of being able to hide their identity while connected to the Fibre network.
The wallet autimatically use Tor wich will make your IP address and location hidden on the Fibre Network.
The FibreDark wallet has hard coded onion addresses that point to new FibreDark nodes, wich have been brought online to support the FibreDark network.
Out hybrid network will be able to support a mixed mode environment of both Tor enabled wallets and standard connected wallts on the Fibre network.
This will give our users greater flexibility as they will have a choice in connecting via Tor or not.
The accompanying diagram explains how this is achieved.

FibreOS utilizes a custom, optimized and hardened Ubuntu environment, based on the latest version 14.04LTS.
FibreOS is a secure and anonymous operating system.
Anyone with a pc or laptop will be able to use FibreOS.
Because the OS and Wallet Data files are stored on a USB.
You effectively have true cold storage, your coins will follow you wherever you go.
All traffic is routed via TOR giving the user increased anonymity. When you unplug your USB stick no trace is left on the host PC.
Our DarkNodes handle the routing of data between the Tor network and the standard Fibre network.
FibreDark does not rely on Tor exit nodes, wich I consider to be the weak link in the Tor network.

An innovative security feature that has not been seen in Crypto land before.
The idea behind FibreLock was to remove the keyboard from the password entry thus rendering key loggers and other malware useless against FibreWallet!
FibeLock uses an android style pattern based locking system, there is no keyboard subsystem being used that malware could monitor!
All inputs will come from your mouse and your pattern will become your password.
If your wallet is already encrypted, use the change password feature to swap over to the new pattern input.

FibreConnect brings an encrypted and secure messaging system to Fibre.
Send messages instantly, all you need is someones Fibre address and their public key.
We have also implemented additional Font styling options.
FibreConnect also contains Notify. Notify allows us to send messages to every wallet on the network.
This will be used for important update information.

Fibre Revision 2

Windows Wallet:!IEhQXC6R!lEGhQ7vmt4zcTdJm1g9-P7Vsq5M5Co2EO2RnrGutB-M 

Mac Wallet:!5VAhmApI!IOgG8s-lpdy5lVmmUUPMAx5auE7tE--F3h1rmFhhW14 

Click on the image below to visit the multipool website!






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