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Agent Provocateur? Story About Guy Detained with Gun at Trump Rally Makes No Sense

Published on Jun 21, 2016
What little you can find of this buried news story makes no sense, and the alt media version via some rally attendees is pretty horrifying... Did a false flag get averted here? Just who is this suspicious guy and what really happened when they found him in the parking garage across from the Trump rally on Friday?

Full version of events from the attendees at GetofftheBS here:

Truthstream Can Be Found Here:
Twitter: @TruthstreamNews


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The 'Brexit petition' fiasco .... I went digging ....

They went into the server logs, and changed them in the hopes of triggering a massive back dated charge for excessive bandwidth usage in March of this year. Obviously if they could get that showing for March, it would not be paid for 3 months, which would trigger an instant web site shut down. THEY FAILED. They screwed up, and the web host was able to see the screwup. It was a super intricate but incomplete hack that involved hundreds of data fields to "really prove I used that much bandwidth", which would have ended up being an astronomically high bill. GOOD FAIL, and I'd like to thank the hackers for the mental exercise! I had to go through and find out where, on all points, they hacked the data and (for curiosities sake) why their hack did not have the desired impact. Obviously I am not going to tell them why it all failed by putting that here and now (obviously) for evidence sake the true status of this web site has been archived. All of this ate a substantial portion of the day.

To explain what is going on in the next report:

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


And so, confirmed, the German Army has gone NAZI on us ...

And this almost seals the fate of Germany to suffer a catastropic nuclear strike.

Sell any German investments you have .... might be a very wise decision indeed.


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Too little, too late (HRC having just been nominated by the Dems) ...

All that's clear, is that it's the RIGHT TARGET; and so, remembering the biggest crook in America was brought down not by conviction for murder, but for tax offences, perhaps the IRS will succeed, where the FBI fears to tread.

On other must read news:


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Monday, 25 July 2016


Notaries ... 

"Generate Copyright Proof or Self Declare. Certify existence in time for text, audio, video or any kind of data.

Forever FREE: certificates of existence of your documents. Delivered by the NXT and Bitcoin public Blockchains. Timestamping occurs at regular interval see table below.

Download your certificates and forget about us..."

Bye  bye ... 


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And so finally a SIMPLE way to ANALYSE the CONFUSING Smart-contract COMPETITORS

"if your main intention is to run the code as Smart Contract, you are basically forced to choose between Solidity(JavaScript), Serpent(Python), and LLL(a very questionable Lisp), or raw bytecode (assembly?)."

Which LANGUAGE is it in ... 


Maybe NEW LANGUAGE for the same MIGHT win out?


Assembly I doubt will ... 

Which leaves SOLIDITY = beta and buggy and COSTLY bugs (350,000,000 wiped from ETH).

Will the MICROSOFT partnership on the AZURE blockchain WIN BIG

Microsoft LIKES to innovate on LANGUAGES ...


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SuperNET Services updates

Secure litewallet and framework
Nxt asset ID: 8688289798928624137

Jay NRS now supports Multigateway 1.0 with mgwBTC.

Jones is creating a Chrome extension for the next version of Jay. ‘With jay v.2 as a browser plugin, it will allow transactions to be made by clicking on the TX_ codes generated, so making trades quickly will be possible in a web application setting. Working as fast as I can :)’.

jay.js is an easy way to integrate an Nxt wallet into your project:


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Mystery one

BTCD and SuperNET sites for more information
Asset Id: 13476425053110940554

as I've no time to check atm




James has donated a significant proportion of his new Crypto777 asset (id:     13476425053110940554) to SuperNET. 7.5% / 7.5% / 5% has been donated to SuperNET / NXTventure / JLH, and 24%+ has been sent into the SuperHODL account.

James writes, ‘Yes, I did just put in nearly half of crypto777. It is now the fourth core asset and I didn’t want there to be any resistance for its usage within SuperNET. What is good for crypto777 is good for SuperNET. The crypto777 donated to SuperNET has added  around 30 NXT to UNITY’s NAV’.

Crypto777 is a pipeline asset, and the dividend won’t be made for some time. ‘Current AE orderbook sells need to be cleared and the tech needs to be in beta release or very close’, James writes.

How is crypto777 going to be monetized?

‘There are several ways it can be monetized. It is not officially out yet, I just had a bit of spare time so wanted to get it all in place. It will take some time to get ramped up for the selling of services. It is not a short term thing.

‘The backed and pegged system aims to make a blockchain-enforced mechanism to allow people to get interest on their crypto holdings and there will also be a bid/ask spread built into the blockchain, so these are two sources of monetization.

‘Additionally my idea for providing crypto consulting services to fiat companies, especially with tech like Lchain, well just a few big contracts and it will be making for quite a large cashflow. With the agents system that I will extend to have crypto777 primitives, customizing private blockchain (or even nochain) will be much more efficient than making something from scratch.’

Crypto777 aims to ‘be the tech that solves the final unsolved things about crypto’:

- Blockchain bloat
- Price volatility
- Inconsistent blocktimes
- Too easy to get hacked

‘With the new SuperNET agents system, I am seeing how many parts can be done in a nice and simple way and reducing the scope of the remaining issues, but this is not an easy problem to solve, as a fully decentralized fiat peg is kind of hard to do. Consensus Research (andruiman and kushti, is helping from the theoretical and math side and will even be doing a white paper, which everybody seems to like so much.

Job offer to technical sales creature

‘I am seeing literally dozens of companies getting millions of dollars, and the tech they are needing doesn’t seem to be very much advanced. So, I think with the crypto777 agents system, it would be possible to create customized solutions for corporates, especially the ones with tons of VC money and not enough devs.

‘I need somebody to take the lead for developing this service. We can offer fixed price contracts (for projects with very high confidence levels) so there won’t be any budget risk.

I think contracts in the $50,000 to $100,000 range are possible. Such contracts at first would need to be done by myself, so clearly can’t get this sold in the near term - then again, maybe if we had budgets like that, we can hire coders to work under my guidance. Net profits would be going out as dividends. So if you have experience with technical sales to corporates, contact me.

‘I think some sort of bounty for business brought in and/or percentage of deal flow makes this worth the while for someone who already has the contacts. And if you have experience managing dozens of coders doing half a dozen projects, then this could ramp up into a nice amount of business.’

1%-20% discount on core assets

James writes, ‘I can offer a discount of 1% off of marketprice per BTC, up to a max of 20% off. I accept BTC, NXT, maybe even other things’.

‘Short term I think NXTcoinsco/Tradebots will be pretty good, medium term NXTprivacy or Privatebet, and longer term crypto777. Maybe allocating among these would be a good balance of risk/reward. I can make a single bundle for you at the standard discount.

‘Tradebots/NXTcoinsco gets 30% the revenues that InstantDEX asset holders get, so from a valuation standpoint it is worth at least 30% of InstantDEX. Additionally it will get monetization from the tradebots leasing that it facilitates, it might even do some trading itself. Other than NXTprivacy I think it is one of the most undervalued. But NXTprivacy is further out, so it is longer term hodl.’



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Owning some of the last post I understand, we have:

"NXTprivacy will contain various privacy related projects. It will hold significant percentages of several other privacy related assets, like Privatebet and NXTcard, and it will also create privacyServer software for server hosts to run. Any dividends NXTprivacy receives from assets it holds, will be redistributed to its assetholders on a prorata basis. The privacyServer software will provide services for customers that will allow server hosts to recoup some or all of their costs in maintaining a NXT node. Additionally, NXTprivacy will make a market in privateNXT. Please follow the section on NXTprivacy for more information."

Account: NXT-DE2F-W76R-GL25-HMFPR
Asset Id: 17911762572811467637

"‘Since there isn’t a lot of liquidity on the sell side, I can offer bulk amounts direct in BTC or NXT, 1% discount from market price per BTC to a max discount of 20%, but only for a limited time and total amount. PrivateBET [asset ID 17083334802666450484] is majority owned by NXTprivacy [ID 17911762572811467637], which SuperNET has 25% stake in.’"


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Privatebet will allow people to make bets directly with each other in a decentralized way. It will let people create their own personal bet with a designated arbiter in addition to automatically supporting a range of standard events with betting interest, like sports betting. Privatebet will only accept crypto and no personal information will be required from its customers. It will have a fee of 1% to begin with, subject to change to adapt to market forces. The goal is to automate as much of Privatebet as possible and it is expected to be able to payout about 80% of the fees it collects as dividends. Please follow the NXTforum for more detals and up to date information.

Account: NXT-KKNV-8EPK-W2S4-96VTK
Asset Id: 17083334802666450484


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Market making and arbitrage fund for BitcoinDark cryptocurrency.
Asset Id: 8122396658538927693

  •  nxt

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superBTCD (asset ID 6918149200730574743).
"SuperNET BTCD (superBTCD) is backed 100% by deposits in the BTCD multi-signature accounts generated for each user in the Multigateway SuperNET servers. Deposits made to the multi-signature accounts will automatically transfer the corresponding amount of superBTCD assets to the associated NXT account. Withdraws are automatically processed serially only when all Multigateway servers are in agreement. The balances in the multi-signature accounts will change internally and do not represent the amount of BTCD in your account, the superBTCD assets you own do. See for more information.

  •  Nxt Asset Exchange (once asset ID entered via ADD ASSET (top right corner :)

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Account: NXT-PNVQ-B5RN-QHHR-3BC7U Asset Id: 8122396658538927693


The MMBTCD asset is live. Nxt AE asset ID: 8122396658538927693

The aim of this asset is to increase liquidity for BTCD and place gentle upward pressure on it. Coinomat has done great work with the MMNXT asset. BTCD has much lower volumes and thinner order books, so we're taking a mutual fund as well as market-maker approach. Hopefully using revenues from other assets will inject some liquidity and give us something to work with. Coinomat has very generously donated 100,000 coinomat assets to MMBTCD.

MMBTCD will pay out in mgwBTCD / superBTCD. More info:


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Omnigames will develop freemium mobile games that uses crypto for in-game purchases starting with BTM. The goal is to bring mass market fiat users into crypto and to create popular games that different coin communities can customize. 80% of revenues will be distributed to assetholders. 20% of revenues will go to marketing affiliates, with Privatebet handling the SuperNET players for omnigames will have the latest information

Account: NXT-MRBN-8DFH-PFMK-A4DBM Asset Id: 7441230892853180965

Omnigames is a business that expects to generate the vast majority of its income in fiat through traditional channels such as in-app purchases on Apple's App Store and Google Play, at least in the short to medium term. Fiat revenue is converted to NXT and is payed out in NXT through the Omnigames asset on the NXT AE

However, the overarching goal will be to introduce and promote cryptocurrency and SuperNET by providing incentives that give regular people compelling reasons to use cryptocurrency. In-game rewards, bonuses, and significant discounts on things they're already paying for such as in-game purchases(to start with, Google Play and the Apple App store are both able to take 30% of the top of every transaction due to the monopoly they have on their respective device markets). Over time it's expected that a significant portion of fiat revenue will be able to be converted directly into cryptocurrency revenue though the use of these incentives. But to build a sustainable revenue generating business will first require focusing on the large existing fiat market while cautiously creating a channel to siphon users towards cryptocurrency.

Omnigames will be primarily targeting the East/Southeast Asian and Western markets for the time being while keeping an eye on other expanding regions.

First release will be cryptocurrency agnostic and non-exclusive. But creating currency exclusive projects that generate demand as well as promote a specific cryptocurrency(for example NXT, BTCD) is one of the next major goals of Omnigames. Revenue sharing deals between the backers of these exclusive currency projects and Omnigames are planned.

Currently seeking to put together a team of people willing to test various games over time in different states of development. Gathering data on the best way to ensure that we can help incentivize players to test on a variety of different platforms.

Short form to show interest and a quick survey for people interested:

Also interested in speaking with people fluent in written Chinese(simplified, traditional), Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Malay-Indonesian. PM here(;u=3150) or amarha on SN slack.

####### original
Omnigames will develop freemium mobile games that uses crypto for in-game purchases starting with BTM. The goal is to bring mass market fiat users into crypto and to create popular games that different coin communities can customize.

80% of revenues will be distributed to assetholders. 20% of revenues will go to marketing affiliates, with Privatebet handling the SuperNET players for omnigames


amarha is the project manager and we are recruiting mobile game dev(s)

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  •  nxt app

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And so ... faster and faster

more possibly interesting assets to peruse:

1 Atomic is a NXTventure project with the official thread at

‘ATOMIC is a DAC, the asset holders actually "own" the company. So lets say that ATOMIC makes a profit of $100 during the monthly period and you own 25% of atomic assets. You would get $25 of the $100 as a 25% owner of the DAC. The profit is coming from minimal exchange and ledger recording fees. I believe it was jl777 who said that we will keep the fees pretty low in the early stages to attract more users but you're still getting your cut of the profits dependent directly on how much of the DAC you own.’, writes Cryptaxe. Asset ID 11694807213441909013.

Account: NXT-XRK4-5HYK-5965-9FH4Z
Asset Id: 11694807213441909013



BTCD has been integrated into the exchange. You can exchange it to other crypto as well as to fiat, inlcuding withdrawals to any Visa/Master card and bank transfer. All crypto exchanges are instant.

Internal balances

Coinomat has enabled interest-bearing accounts at If you maintain a balance of 10 USD (/EUR) and above you are credited with a daily interest of 0.06% (currently). The interest is credited every day.

If you are a CoinoUSD holder you are eligible for interest payments, without even depositing your CoinoUSD at your account. In order to connect your NXT account with your account for receiving CoinoUSD interest you need to log in at using token authorization in your NXT client. After that the interest is credited to your account as long as you keep CoinoUSD in your NXT or account. 1 CoinoUSD = 1 USD."


"SuperNET CORE coins









Smart people, should think about following some of the decisions, of even smarter people.

I got some FIBRE already ... and BBR .. what about you?


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If you still haven't got installed LOCALLY you're starting to miss out BIG; not really one to invest in for me (though making a market might be real simple FOR SOMEONE) ... tiny tiny easy earning NXT 4U?

"SuperNET Radio Network (SNRN) is an Internet Broadcasting Solution encompassing all Supernet related Coins, Assets, and Entities. Each affiliate will be presented with an individualised website consisting of a LIVE! broadcasting platform, "On Demand" Replays of previous SuperNET Radio presentations, as well as Google+, Twitter, and FaceBook associations. With Flagship Station streaming 24/7 members can produce, and direct content at their community or target markets at nominal expense. SEO tuned ads of every flavor will benefit from a stacked,multiplier effect generated by the network. A Fee schedule with discounts and incentives can be seen along with other details on . 100% of Net revenues less expenses will be distributed as dividends to holders of SNRN."


Open nxt go > Asset Exchange top right corner ASS ASSET 

Asset Id: 3501237268087927815

Just add the NUMBERS only & viola UP POPS the ASSET for YOU to TRADE :) 


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09.03.2015 - SuperNET is officially welcoming Fibrecoin as its latest CORE coin from today on Smiley

16.01.2015 - Fibre is part of the OCUPY.NET platform with its own blockchain;topicseen#msg10167964

24.10.2014 - Fibre Offers Anonymity Privacy And So Much More

22.10.2014 - Fibre ZeroTrust © Transaction Privacy Design

20.10.2014 - Bitcoin-Qt v0.9.3 Including FibreLock Released

12.10.2014 - Fibre Revision 3 Roadmap Revealed - Accessibility

10.10.2014 - Fibre Revision 2 Ninja Launched

Fibre is a new digital currency that aims to empower the people.
It allows individuals to participate in the internet economy even when they live in countries where credit card companies and paypal do not operate.
Unlike other forms of payment, Fibre is not controlled by any single authority.
No one can freeze funds, impose a waiting period, or charge you arbitrary fees.
Transactions are instant, cost almost no fees, and are irreversible.
Fibre is secure, stable and easy to use by design.

Fibredark is our solution that gives our users the choice of being able to hide their identity while connected to the Fibre network.
The wallet autimatically use Tor wich will make your IP address and location hidden on the Fibre Network.
The FibreDark wallet has hard coded onion addresses that point to new FibreDark nodes, wich have been brought online to support the FibreDark network.
Out hybrid network will be able to support a mixed mode environment of both Tor enabled wallets and standard connected wallts on the Fibre network.
This will give our users greater flexibility as they will have a choice in connecting via Tor or not.
The accompanying diagram explains how this is achieved.

FibreOS utilizes a custom, optimized and hardened Ubuntu environment, based on the latest version 14.04LTS.
FibreOS is a secure and anonymous operating system.
Anyone with a pc or laptop will be able to use FibreOS.
Because the OS and Wallet Data files are stored on a USB.
You effectively have true cold storage, your coins will follow you wherever you go.
All traffic is routed via TOR giving the user increased anonymity. When you unplug your USB stick no trace is left on the host PC.
Our DarkNodes handle the routing of data between the Tor network and the standard Fibre network.
FibreDark does not rely on Tor exit nodes, wich I consider to be the weak link in the Tor network.

An innovative security feature that has not been seen in Crypto land before.
The idea behind FibreLock was to remove the keyboard from the password entry thus rendering key loggers and other malware useless against FibreWallet!
FibeLock uses an android style pattern based locking system, there is no keyboard subsystem being used that malware could monitor!
All inputs will come from your mouse and your pattern will become your password.
If your wallet is already encrypted, use the change password feature to swap over to the new pattern input.

FibreConnect brings an encrypted and secure messaging system to Fibre.
Send messages instantly, all you need is someones Fibre address and their public key.
We have also implemented additional Font styling options.
FibreConnect also contains Notify. Notify allows us to send messages to every wallet on the network.
This will be used for important update information.

Fibre Revision 2

Windows Wallet:!IEhQXC6R!lEGhQ7vmt4zcTdJm1g9-P7Vsq5M5Co2EO2RnrGutB-M 

Mac Wallet:!5VAhmApI!IOgG8s-lpdy5lVmmUUPMAx5auE7tE--F3h1rmFhhW14 

Click on the image below to visit the multipool website!






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Note this may be old info; anyone already in can investigate; if u do and work out rough NAV lemme know :)

"JLH (jl777HODL)

The heavy discount at which JLH  (asset ID 6932037131189568014) is trading on its NAV will shrink in due course.

As announced by James about a month ago: ‘Please don’t be surprised or complain. My goal is to lower spreads across the board, target of 1% to 2%, but it needs to be done gradually unless market conditions change. So it is a multidimensional mapping issue where all the related assets are linked via adaptive bots. The natural consequence of this will be price moving in harmonic oscillations similar to the forex currencies. I make simple arbitrages, constrained by liquidity of the other assets, but as spreads narrow across the board, liquidity will increase, allowing more arbitrages. Iterate...’

Bots will not be deployed yet, but James has now put up some small buy walls at ~10% below NAV.

James writes: ‘JLH really should be trading at some sort of premium, but the liquidity problems has made something that nearly quadrupled in NAV in less than a year and tripled in price, to somehow be a significant discount to NAV asset. In the real world, anything that is quadrupling in a year will most likely not be at any discount!

Now there is no gauging how much more stuff I will add into JLH over the next months and years, so let us set the value of that at zero. Still even with this santa claus valuation, the NAV really should be the floor, so I will make that happen with buywalls.

Over the weeks, I will gradually raise this [~10% below NAV) closer and closer to NAV. If it ever starts trading at a premium to NAV, the reverse process will be used to get it back to NAV. What this means is that JLH will end up trading around the NAV on a long term basis.

I realized it is easy to get the funds required to put up buywalls, just by selling small bits, if funds are needed. With almost half a million NXT in the acct now, it won’t be necessary to make any sales. This method is a much better use of funds than dividends or lotteries. When I get a chance I will automate it, until then it will be an occasional thing, whenever I get a chance.’"


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**EXPLOSIVE** Radical Islamic terrorist Sympathizer *OUTED*

Exclusive, explosive reports from the patriot
Joint U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force,
operating on American soil for over 200 years

Tim Kaine the Radical Islamic terrorist Sympathizer Fingered
Trouble copying briefings from Tom's website due to hacking?  Just highlight, copy and paste text into a word document, enlarge the font size from a size 1 font to 12, 14, or 16 font then copy and paste into any email, blog, forum, document, etc.

. . .


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