Wednesday, 8 June 2016


And so, after now quite a few days digging, I'm prepared to narrow down the field in terms of investment quality crypto-coins aka alt-coins (altcoins) alternative coins, a little more!

Whereas previously we had in no particular order

  1. The Dao < a bit like a 'stock') [digital asset CURRENCY]
  2. Waves - ditto :)
  3. Monero - privacy/anonymity currency
  4. DASH - smart coin/contracting
  5. Bitcoin
  6. LISK -blockchain apps/smart-coin/contracting
  7. Litecoin - first major scrypt (algorithm) minted alt to Bitcoin
  8. Ethereum - smart-coin/contracting
  9. Ripple
  10. NXT < currency for the NXT Platform ... 

Here is my first stab at an ORDER for some only as I'm still digging

THE SMARTCOINS; in order (so far)

  1. Ethereum - smart-coin/contracting
  2. DASH - smart coin/contracting
  3. LISK -blockchain apps/smart-coin/contracting

And a new entrant caught my eye (at 600% in a day, why wouldn't it!); syscoin; seems at first glance to satisfy 'smart-coin' determinants, but I couldn't get the software installed; not a great start thus!

Ethereum having just been given the Economist treatment ... it's going to be HUGE, and having had a short time to at least read the blurb on the public site in some more details, I understand why; and that last bit, is key ... never, ever invest in things, you don't understand.  Haven't read The Economist article, don't need to ... it's going to be HUGE HUGE HUGE! 

LISK is the newbie; so expect big volatility if you dip in; but I'd DEFINITELY go ETHEREUM and also a bit of DASH ... the former will do HUGE things, and the latter, REAL BIG things. 

 And of course, some sort of portfolio approach is always the best ... weightings.

But for INVESTMENT GRADE; I'd have to say ETHEREUM made the grade 100% sure; DASH made the grade 80% sure ... And the other one I must admit is unlikely to gain HUGE HUGE like Ethereum but I do like a lot is VERICOIN .... that interest bearing account, is BOUND in my view, to capture the imagination of a sizeble number of users, over time ... perhaps the consumer choice for actual use?  But note, Vericoin is not really a SMART coin ... not as how I would define smart, as in smart-contracting ...

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