Tuesday, 7 June 2016


And so, in the quest to step out into the smart contracting currencies, a bit of hacking and digging around for 15 minutes this morning got me no where so far with syscoin (new entrant) and all the way to a local wallet for dash, in no so hard time at all.  Dive into DASH; easy!  And in repositories already on Ubuntu LTS!

Please only download from the official Dash page!  We go through How to install dash electrum wallet on MAC, Windows, and then Linux, below:

HOW-TO: Installation Instructions for DASH Electrum Wallet on Mac: VIDEO

HOW-TO: Installation Instructions for DASH Electrum Wallet on PC:

Download and run the one labeled “Windows Installer”.

HOW-TO Installation Instructions for DASH Electrum Wallet on Linux:

Using the Terminal application, run the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get install python-qt4 python-pip python-slowaes
$ sudo pip install https://www.dash.org/binaries/Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin

1) Download Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin from here


2) Open terminal, CD to location of file download.

3) 'LS' command, make sure Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin is listed.

4) chmod +x Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin

5) paste the following code into terminal ./Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin

These commands will change when a new version of electrum is released because the file name will also be changed. So I wouldn't go pasting this anywhere, if you do remove the 2.4.1_linux_x86 and note that the exact name needs to be used.

Ubuntu 14.04 makes it possible to install Electrum through the Software Center. 

Click the briefcase icon to the left of the Ubuntu desktop.

Then enter “electrum” into the search box of the Software Center window."

Note I'd sorta reorder the linux instructions as follows

1) apt-get install python-qt4 python-pip python-slowaes

2) DOwnload Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin from here

3) chmod +x Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin

4) ./Electrum-DASH-2.4.1_Linux_x86_64-Installer.bin

Take a note of where your wallet resides; for backup purposes don't miss it! (see success screen!)

And now, you're UP ready to PROFIT BIG from SMART-COIN DASHCOIN!  Note, formerly known, as DARKCOIN ... giving you a hint on it's LONGER TERM VIABILITY, with ANONYMITY and thus PRIVACY built in from the ground UP ... One to watch, or one to GET OWNING!


And after my 6-14% gains (24 hour moving average) yesterday in vericoin:

Hello ShapeShifter,
Thank you for your order.
Order Summary:
Order Number: 01da10939c
You Deposited: 500 VRC
You Received: 2.10024000 DASH
The exchange took 130 seconds
I'm in the game ... first roughly USD 16.00 :)

Now earning (again a moving average over 24 hours):

Dash (DASH)
$ 7.94 (1.48 %)
0.01354390 BTC (0.92 %)
Note, trying to gain in BITCOIN *and FIAT terms ...

And the trend, is ALWAYS your FRIEND :)

Note, there's also a DIP in the TREND ... buying times :)

Buying, hopefully, on the cheap!
Further Information - offsite

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