Wednesday, 8 June 2016


A bit more on the WHY of the third SMARTCOIN selected to go MASSIVE; LISK! (aka LSK)

Do you get it a bit better now ... what 'detaching' blockchain technology (public ledgers) from bitcoin can do to DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING come true ...

Combine your bitrorrent type protocols (p2p tech) ... with a BLOCKCHAIN just for APPLICATIONS

And you gete DAPPS ...

And with LSK being the currency of use on LISK right now ...

Lisk (LSK)
$ 0.457247 (2.50 %)
0.00079036 BTC (3.96 %)

"No prizes, for why as one of the first INNOVATIONS that's actually right now WORKING and not just on the drawing board promised ... can you see a bit better NOW why LISK ($LSK) is going HUGE!

Why Everybody Should Have A Look into LISK

Whether you are new in the crypto-world or a veteran who lost half of your wealth during the MT-GOX debacle, LISK is definitively the next crypto you need to watch, if you have not done it yet.

Here are a few hints:

The second most successful cryptocurrency crowdfund, i.e. over 14000 BTC or $5.8M (at the time of writing). Second to Ethereum.

Before the launch scheduled end of April 2016, over 100 nodes (as the time of writing) are running the LISK test network!

Microsoft has already announced they will include LISK in their Azure stack alongside with Augur, BitShares, Syscoin and

It will be the first real world scale run of DPoS consensus algorithm ever.

Many original dapps ideas have already been proposed (48 dapps). Some of them are already being implemented. See the guestbook, an IoT Dapp

Issues are stacking in a way that you have not seen in many other altcoins. Be prepared to have an extremely reliable platform. For instance this bug, fixed in LISK, can still take down the whole Crypti network in a blink of an eye, during hours…

A light mobile client will be ready at mainnet launch for android and iOS (beat that Ethereum!).

A Light Dapp client Proof of Concept (mobile and desktop) is already available (beat that Ethereum!).

Should I mention the amazing community that is building up every day. Be sure to give a shout at the Lisk chat or ask questions on the forum!"


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