Friday, 6 May 2016


"Glenn Beck in full meltdown

Glenn Beck: "Huge Drudge Font Size" Mocking My Fast For Ted Cruz "A Sign America Is Done"

My comment: "Poor baby. Poor poor baby!"
And I have been disgusted by the entire meme of using God, and calling Cruz "God's candidate". With an approximate total of 53 mistresses, false identity as an immigrant (which voids him from being a candidate at all), obvious vote rigging, using MONEY, erh, eh, MAMMON, the "root of all evil" to pay off delegates to vote for him, and lie upon lie upon lie, the entire "God" meme with Cruz is off there in the realm of water stain Jesus apparitions and "devout Catholic" Mexican drug lords.

Beck bashed himself to death on Cruz, which shows exactly what cloth he is stained into. He is an establishment secret society troll from the skin to the bone. And though I tend to advise with religion, rather than preach and be a "prophet", I have a prediction: Beck is going to go straight to HELL for using God to forward the agenda of such a slime ball. How low can one go? Just look at Cruz.

Despite sitting on a pile of "mammon", Trump proved his soul to be as white as the driven snow when compared to the Cruz tar pit. Trump bought off NO ONE, and did his campaign in full honesty. His behavior alone proved him to be a far more righteous candidate than Cruz, even if he is not perfect, or even good. I will say this: There has never been a lesser "lesser of two evils" than Trump, when compared to the other options this time around.

Saint or not, if Trump runs America the way he runs his business, it will be pretty damn good for the country!

Trump has 54 percent support in California, while Cruz has 20 percent. Here is reality: Polls have fudge factors and for political motives, they are always fudged down for people like Trump. Most likely reality: Cruz has no more than 14 percent support, and Trump is over 60 percent. IN CALIFORNIA, ILLEGALS AND ALL.

Final conclusion: 100 percent of white California is backing Trump!"


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