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Page ripped in it's entirity with the suggestion 'do what you want with these pictures' contained within the page; rip the page, these pics are too important to reside on one site only that might disappear any second.

"Beloved Friends This Secret Technology Gallery and the HAARP GALLERY and the SECRET SPACE GALLERY are very special to me. I have shared these photos here on my site with pleasure. They are gifts given to me by a special friend whom I have never met. I know in my heart he is a good soul and is quite intelligent. I probably will never meet him but I am grateful to know that this advanced technology will one day be shared with the entire world.

My friend is capable of building his own space ship. He is not alone as I feel my mentor Fred Bell was also capable of this feat. I believe if Fred ever had the funding and right team to assist him he could have and would have done this for mankind. God rest his soul. l-118
David Adair did it when he was about 15 years old. Howard Menger also built one by himself. Then after “coaxing” by military forces Howard built one for the US AIR FORCE in 1950.
These are just the individuals that I know personally. There are obviously many, people out there who are capable and willing to share this technology with the world.
Unfortunately “The Cabal” and the greedy power brokers of the world have somehow managed for the most part to keep these technological advances from benefitting mankind as a whole. I am hoping this site will serve as a revelation to you all that, as John Lear once said ”we have been had” Now I want you to go your window lift the shade and shout, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” l-98
Actually getting mad will serve no purpose. However establishing a firm and determined commitment in your heart and mind to share truth is a worthy goal. Please do your best to work towards the light and to bring the truth to your fellow man to the reality that within a short period of time it is possible to have free energy available to all.   In my opinion it is high time this insanity and repression ends. It is time mankind unites and supports these brilliant minds to help us create a better world. We can and will eventually free ourselves from the shackles of our current and outdated dinosaur age technology.   Fossil fuels are a crime against the planet. The price of gas is an artificial and unnecessary expenditure by the entire planet. Money itself is an artificial program designed to enslave.
The limitations of our transportation system are destroying our fragile eco systems.We take oil out of the ground in greed and destroy the ozone and actually remove the natural shock absorber of the tectonic plates in the process.   The removal of oil from beneath the earth and replacing it with water foments earthquakes. Dumb dangerous and stupid as this practice is, it is still considered good business by very evil beings.
Brothers and sisters please know we have the power to act responsibly and take the steps to liberate our planet from the horrible menace called fossil fuels. Nuclear power as it is used today also must end to be replaced by free and efficient alternatives. I am not talking about solar or wind or waterpower these are distractions and a waste of time and money.
These “Green solutions” are a joke.   No disrespect intended to the many sincere and earnest individuals who truly believe that these ideas are viable answers. Sorry but I have to speak my mind here. These innocent and good-hearted people do not have a clue to what has been going on underground in secret bunkers for decades!
Flying Thing Closeup4
There is an infinite and unlimited abundance of living energy available throughout the universe. We will harness it and share it with the world for free soon after the assholes are arrested. Some of these beings will be cast into the central sun and there souls will be disbanded they are simply pure evil and must be recycled. This will happen by their own choice when they are taken aboard the mother ships and shown the enormity of the consequences of their actions.
 Collectively steps must be taken to free mankind from tyranny and the bonds of ignorance and fear that enslaves us. Step up world! Mankind must make the moves forward into his rightful place amongst the stars. As we enable our own best and brightest to liberate us from the artificially imposed industrial age we will join our space families and be free to freely travel between the stars.
My friend who provided these pictures must, for now, must only be called ” John”. I wish to thank John for his help and time to share all of this with the world. I hope he will provide us with more insights to these wonderful technologies. John has worked for a company that was contracted by the govt. to make various aspects of the Secret Space Programs space ships. He and the other scientists and his co-workers on these secret programs provided the photos in these galleries to me.   If I understand correctly some of these photos may have originally come from other sources.
I presume these individuals shared these photos on purpose to awaken us the public at large and through various means they have reached the mainstream public.   This photo gallery in particular is unique and not many others have these pictures. These pictures are of very exotic and expensive hand made space ship engine parts. The photos here represent various different type of engine drives which go into various different US govt. controlled space ships and advanced air force aircraft.   There are also many other types of technologies pictured here.
I hope to have more of John’s explanations on these various pictures and what they represent in the not too distant future. He has also informed me some of my guesses and explanations are incorrect. I hope he will take the time to enlighten me as is practical for him.
I will also presume many fine patriots that fly these craft in our skies, also would like to see this information get to the public. Though many are under different types of mind control and non-disclosure contracts I hope these restrictions will soon be lifted. Perhaps some brave individuals will breach these illegal contracts for the benefit of mankind.
The free energy and scientific advances that these photos and this technology represent is a vital and important aspect to the disclosure process and must be integrated into our world for us to move forward as a planet and a people.   Eventually we will be given many more advanced types of technology. This will occur as our responsibility and peaceful nature is developed and worthy leadership and honesty replaces corruption and selfishness in our political system.   Below is an article my friend has written about the TR38C I will refrain from comments as it is above my pay grade!
  I hope you will enjoy this gallery and all of the other information on my site. Please do try to come to some of my upcoming appearances and conferences. Egypt May 9th-15th, Irvine with Cobra May 24th-26th (see New Society link on home page) Vegas with June 7th-9th and Mt Shasta with Andrew Bartzis June 22nd and 23rd. Mt Shasta Aug. 16th-18th with Jerry Willis. I will also be in Vancouver CANADA speaking with Sean David Morton in late August or Early September. If you would like to help sponsor one of these events please let me know on the contact page. I would love to meet all my fellow light workers. May The Light of God and the Universe guide and protect us all
Victory to the Light
Rob Thailand April 5th
Disclaimer to the Scientist’s text below !
 My friend who gave me these pictures has decided to share some information on the technology shown in these pictures. however this particular description he is sharing here has nothing to do with the US govt or military craft.  The technology he is decribing here is very similar. It definitely uses some of the smae parts and pricipals. He has asked me to put these articles up word for word but I have found it necessary to spell check and revise a few fragmented sentences for coherence. Any changes to the technical aspects which are inccorect it will be my fault. Hopefully one day he will contact me soon and correct any errors I may have made. This description is way above my level and understanding of science and the technologyas as it is presented here. That is not saying much however, I can tell you he is using the same terms as Fred Bell used. He also has the endoresement of former CIA operative Brett Stillings whom I have been told was quite impressed with these pictures. Again I must emphasize I am not trying to prove anything other than the fact that WE HAVE FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE NOW. THE POWERS THAT BE ARE SUPRESSING IT AND KEEPING IT FROM YOU. 
Do whatever you want with these pictures and this information be empowered by the truth the whole truth and it shall set you freeeee.
A Scientist Named “John” Speaks
“The TR-3C ship is from the Suburban program that has nothing to do with the government or military. This ship uses a first a Linear accelerator then a circular accelerator at its central core. It can travel from Norfolk V.A. to Los-Angeles and back to Norfolk V.A. in 1 second. The “mechanics” of the craft is simple really, As long as you see it as a mechanical thing. It’s not impossible.   First you micro-wave Pos+ charged Atoms until they turn into a liquid state, Other words the Pos+ charged metal has to be boiled down to a liquid, After you Microwave the Pos+ charged metal you inject it into a S-1 port injector and enters the Linear accelerator, The Linear Accelerator has magnetics in it, it has 9 cells with the bottom half Neg- and the top half Pos+. Never the top Neg- and the bottom Pos+. Or Never Pos+ Then Neg- Cross way. It as to be the top Pos+ and the bottom Neg-. That way the Pos+ charged you just microwaved or “boiled” to a liquid floats in the magnetic cells.
The Linear accelerator has a Neg- Magnet at the end of the 3 foot 2 inch tunnel with 9 cells. This area is close to what’s called the S-2 port. When the Linear accelerator is charged the Neg- magnet at the S-2 post pulls the pos+ liquid at the S-1 side of the Linear Accelerator. Neg- is going to pull Pos+ to it. The Pos+ atoms the have been boiled down to a liquid state is getting pulled by the Neg- current down by the S-2 port with the Pos+ and Neg- magnetics in the cells allowing the liquid metal to float in the tunnel. Other words theys no friction, No heat, No sound, As the atoms are pulled down this 3 foot tunnel the atoms reach 1/3 the speed of light, that is exactly 200 million MPH. {WOW Ihave never multiplied 186,000 miles per second and stretched it to an hour but I guess that is what it is ….. my calculator cannot take that many zeros!! RP}
The Atoms then get by passed by the Neg- S-2 magnet and get port injected into a booster accelerator that is circular, It is 2 foot 6 inches across, But has a Linear rate of 7 feet. You have a Neg- And a Pos+ magnet on the edge of the booster accelerator, As the atoms enter they get slingshot around and around the booster accelerator, The booster accelerator is not a ring, Don’t see it as that, Its a round tunnel that has a Linear rate of 7 feet, Even though the booster accelerator is “Circular” Its still Linear A straight line inside. When the Atoms are spinning inside its still going in a straight line. Linear acceleration allows for zero velocity, there is no such thing as circular acceleration as far as making atoms reaches zero velocity. The Pos+ magnet would be on the 9:00 o’clock side of the circular booster accelerator, Neg-magnet “has” to be on 2:00 o’clock side of the accelerator.
Why. If you put those magnetics cross from each other like 9:00 to 3:00 o’clock, The atoms in the accelerator wont move, Because the magnetics will be working against each other. Always have the magnetics 9 to 2 o’clock so they can slingshot the atoms round and round the circular accelerator. You have to have “resistance”. As the atoms spin inside the booster accelerator the Neg- Magnet pull the atoms 2/3 ways around, Why the Pos+ magnet pushes it on around to the Neg- side of the accelerator magnet and again pulls it to the Pos+ magnet so it can be slingshoted back around. The atoms reach 2/3 the speed of light thanks to the Circular-Linear effect. The Linear Accelerator and the circular accelerator are only in 1 corner of the craft. This is not even the engine part of the craft.   When the atoms reach 2/3 the speed of light in the booster accelerator, The 7 feet of Linear acceleration has reached its limit, Atoms have lost their “velocity” for the 7 feet of linear acceleration, Because once again the booster accelerator is circular. A linear within a circular only has so much velocity so many feet.
Next the atoms are port injected into a LINAC-4. 4 Magnetics stable the atoms with its X-X Pos+ to Neg- Neg- to Pos+ magnetics. Then the atoms are injected into a circular “RING” that’s 9=32 foot around and across. This is the very central of the craft, Below the 4 crew who are flying it. A Circular Particle Accelerator with a superconductor at its axis. The Superconductor is Neg- Charged because its conducting currents, the atoms are in the ring being acceleted in a different way this time than with the booster accelerator. The superconductor is Neg- charged all the time why the atoms in the ring are Pos+. Why the atoms in the accelerator are pulling pulled but have no where to go but slingshot around the ring, Like earth rotating around the sun, Earth has no where to go but around.
The atoms in the accelerator are getting faster and faster, the atoms reach 9.999% the speed of light, so fast that their start to tail itself around the ring. That means the atoms are rotating so fast that it chases it self back around to where its only atoms apart from touching reach tail end. This magnetic setup is better than with the booster accelerator having a Neg- and Pos+ magnet sling shooting the atoms around. This is used for bigger acceleration rings with have a job to do, Having a superconducting at a center ring axis allows the atoms inside the ring to reach “Not Perfect” but so close to zero velocity. The atoms have reached as close to the speed of light as it gets.
There is a second ring just outside the accelerator that’s just inside of the outer skin of the craft, it has neg- current conducting to it, not going to get into detail about that.   The atoms in the circular ring have reached zero velocity, now we need to get that warp effect outside the craft. Again a neg- ring on the very edge of the inter part of the craft is charged, Allows the Pos+ atoms inside the accelerator to bend or actually warp itself around, Remember, Neg- will pull Pos+. When the magnetic field gets warped on the inside of the craft this allows the current to flow all over the craft allowing the whole craft to “conduct” and warp from the inside out. Very hard to explain the effects of slowing down seconds of travel.
If you mechanicaly build this type of engine, the craft is not moving fast as far as speed or MPH goes. “Mechanically” you can’t make a piece of metal hit the speed of light or hit past it, there is no speed. That’s why they No G-Force, if it was all about speed you would have G-Forces. And the craft would be torn apart bolt by bolt. Still the craft is still held together by bolts and nuts. The reason it can reach Norfolk V.A. to Los-Angeles and back to Norfolk in 1 second flat is because it takes that 1-second and stretches it.
1 second is actually a long time. You can stretch 1 second over billions of years. It is very hard to explain something like that. It’s easier to explain it in mechanical way.”
This article my friend John has written certainly will not constitute proof for the skeptic. I was told by radio host Steve Travesty that Brett Stilllings a former CIA insider was impressed and actually did like the photos in this gallery and was able to name some of the parts pictured here. These parts have names like linear accelerator  and S-1 injection port and yes even “the famous flux capacitor” is included in this gallery. As time progresses I am hoping my friend will clarify exactly what these parts are I hope eventually he will be able to safely come forward with his fellow scientists to tell the world what has been going on for so many years ! I know people will be shocked and very upset when they realized just how much has been kept from us for so long. As I said before let this page inspire you to greater confidence that step by step the TRUTH IS BEING REVEALED. I will continue do my best to see to it the here on my site that the promise is revealed step by step. Victory to the Light Rob Potter Thailand
“A Secret Scientist Named “John” Speaks” Part 2  
We are going to discuss about G-Forces and how a crew of 4 can be accelerated at speeds of again “Not Faster” but more distance than Light speed. TR-3B   The TR-3C can go from Norfolk V.A. to Los-Angeles and back to Norfolk in 1 second, That’s 3,000 miles each way, 6,000 miles round trip. It does this by accelerating Pos+ atoms around a circular ring until the atoms reach “Tail-End” making the ring 1 big circular atom magnifying the Pos+ atom to a Neg- current and putting a warp bubble around the craft, putting the craft in “Isolation” or in other words “Ionization”.  
This means solitary from any thing, except light. Even though this isolation can stretch light making time slow down. If you were standing in Norfolk V.A. looking at the craft it would disappear and return in 1 second. It might look like that but it is not the whole story.   The people on board might be in flight for a few minutes. How many minutes does it take for the accelerator to reach its full speed?
The answer is 30 minutes. So the crew can still eat a sandwich and have a drink. As far as speed goes there is no speed.   The craft doesn’t travel or fly like an airliner where you can look down and see roads and stuff, The craft slows down time or takes that second and stretches it, The crew still age within the field but still its effective, The crew can get to Norfolk To L.A. and back to Norfolk in 1 second but it would fell like 30 minutes to the crew.
Don’t see it as speed, All your doing is stretching time. Even an atom has a time stretch or limit.   But there’s 1 craft that doesn’t have a time limit at all. The TR-3B or Suburban class craft can travel 9 times around earth in 1 second, Light can travel around earth 7 times.
TR-3B is from the Suburban program also known as Suburban because its the fastest. It was named after the program. It is mechanical and If the craft travels around earth 8 or less times in 1 second then that means something’s not right with the craft, That’s how much Mechanical “precision” it takes to put this craft together.
Something as simple and minor as stepping on a cheap piece of sheet metal and warping it can have far reaching consequences. If this damaged sheet metal needs to act as a conductor then stepping on it and warping it when you were putting it together can cause it to slow the ships time to travel.   You can lose as much as 1 time around earth with one such minor distortion. You should know, Stuff like that does happen.
There’s times when you turn the last bolt and nut and you remember that you didn’t tighten a nut or left out a magnet on the first part you put together, Guess what? You got to take the whole craft back apart bolt by bolt because you forgot something.   Stuff like that is going to happen; when you put this craft together you have to use extreme precision with your tools and mind.
Even if you have to drive around the city for 8 hours and burn up $50 of fuel to find that one bolt or clamp that you know will not fail, then that’s what you do, that’s what I had to do one time, and it didn’t fail because it was the right product for the job. If you know something is halfassed or you question it being not right then dont allow it.
Heres how the TR-3B Suburban craft travels around earth 9 times in 1 second. First lets discuss about the crew and Anti-G-forces system, Even though the craft doesn’t travel as far as speed goes its still safe to operate with a System that you know reflects G-forces. There is a good chance it doesn’t need it but lets not find out the hard way. Because we don’t know what happens after light speed.
The crew sits above the engine part of the craft; they have 2 circular rings, one above them, and one below them. The ring above needs to have Pos+ current and the one below needs to have Neg- current.   First Light “With a mist of Hydrogen” is injected in a system that’s called “Alice” A Linear Ion Collider. Remember Light with a mist of Hydrogen. When an Electron hits an atom, the proton is left. Electrons are A/C Current, Alternating Current, You need A/C current because A/C current alternates back and fourth and it stays there until it hits that Proton.   D/C current can’t do that efficiently. It will do it actually but it is Direct Current and it might take the power of a nuclear power plant to hit that atom.
In other words A/C Alternates and wastes no power at all. D/C is direct; it will take in power even if it doesn’t use it. DC will be grounded.   “Alice “This strips the protons from the beam of light, Light has protons in it, Protons have a Pos+ charge to it. When they leave the Alice, The protons are injected in a ring with magnets at the top and bottom. The protons are accelerated but not fast.

Your not looking for speed here, A Pulse magnetic field is slingshoting the protons around and around and that Accelerates it. A pulse magnetic field keeps the protons stable, Because when its accelerating, You don’t want it to keep going, Pulse “Magnetic” field PMF system keeps it at the speed it needs to be.   This is a very efficient setup, again your not looking for speed. Why?
Because what your looking for has to be at a stable speed, the protons are being accelerated or rotating “Clock-Wise” on the overhead ring, this means the magnetic field is pushing down. Again not fast, your looking for “stability” Protons are being accelerated at a stable pace.   Next the Neg- Ring, Or the ring blow. We need a Neg- Charge. First A Linear accelerator is used, Atoms are port injected into the Linear accelerator, A Tube with magnetic cells in it. Atoms then get accelerated to 1/3 the speed of light, Atoms then get to a target plate at the other end to a linear collider, 1/3 is not fast but remember that is the speed we need for this type.
  The atoms hit what’s called a target plate, Witch is made of “Copper” Copper is the only metal that has so close to perfect linear string theory in it. Means when the atom gets to it, The atom passes though it to the other side and strips the atom down to the Electrons, Again you want the atom to hit it at 1/3 the speed of light so its stable when it passes though the copper metal, And 1/3 the speed of light because remember we are not colliding anything.
All we want it to do is strip the atom down. Electrons have a Neg- Charge to it. The Electrons rotate Counter-Clock-Wise in the ring below the crew. Allowing a pushing up magnetic field. Remember the overhead ring has to be Pos+ and rotating clock-wise.
The below ring has to be Neg- and rotating Counter-Clock-Wise, and not at full speed, you want those 2 rings too be stable and spin at close to the same speeds so they match each other’s speed.   When that happens the 2 rings give off a magnetic field and that’s where the crew are in a state of “neutral current” The Pos+ and Neg- current push on each other, The magnetic fields are never going to touch each other, So that creates a strong neutral= current that keep the crew in a neutral= state, There are no G-Forces.
Now for how the TR3B can get around earth 9 times in 1 second. First their is a circular ring that’s 72 feet wide with no target plates, A Particle Circular Collider, A ring with magnetic cells on the side to side. Top half Pos+ Bottom Half Neg- The Atoms are accelerated in top half and the bottom half, Pos+ side spinning Clock-Wise, The other going Counter clock-wise, both rotating at the same rpm’s if you wonna call it that.   The 2 only go for half a circle, then they are Pulsed by a electric field, First time misses so they go around again and when they do they get closer and closer. The atoms get to a curtain speed to where they hit head on, when they do they collide. Magnetics are used to suppress the collision, When they collide the 2 atoms have such a “rebound” that when they go back around they collide again, Causing the rebound to be faster than the speed of light.
This happens only for a split time but it is enough. The rebound gets not faster but takes less time to where the atoms are only colliding in 1 place. We call this the zero vectors.   This allows the atoms to put out a magnetic field and only move in a very little area. The magnetic field is solid. The travel of the atoms are already eliminated by half a circle when they collide rather the atoms go around the whole circle, This saves time down to an atomic scale. When the atoms reach zero-vector they have no barrier. Also they give out a power Neg- force field around the craft, Electrons have a Neg- current and conduct though out the craft. There is no barrier. Allows the craft to travel around earth 9 times in 1 second.
Ashtar  April Huang Dong
Thailand April 2013
Flying Thing Closeup2Flying Thing Closeup
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