Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Apologies to all for the drop in post flow; I'm overseas to the UK at the moment, working on a laptop (a lot less efficiently than on my multi-screen desktop), and I've had internet connection issues to deal with, to boot. :(

I am returning to the UK in a few days, and have been busily amassing a veritable list of truths to put on the blog, just as soon as I'm back.

Unable to sort the following into a sensible sequence of posts, this page, is just a browser tab dump ... of goodies ...

First up, first video I've ever come across, of what may have been the type of weapon system used to assassinate me back in 2014:

Second; finally, the corrupt beyond corrupt; FDA head charged in RICO lawsuit!!


Note in the above, the CORRUPT practice of licensing one drug, which creates another illness, which the owners of the former drug, also have a 'cure' for:  just like e.g. Olansapine/Zyprexa (a psych drug) creates diabetes, and guess which SAME company, owns both drugs ... neat scam, if you've got the money to bribe your way into being the person who leads the organisation licencing drugs for human consumption.

Third:  great documentary well worth the whole two hours in from @adaya77

The Weight of Chains | Težina lanaca (2010)

Fourth; William Tompkins ... the page from which the last post came, which I haven't finished reading myself yet; full of goodies ...


Note I got the link to the above from the comments under the Keshe article I posted an extract from ... tantilisingly  ... mentioning William Tompkins as a person who is whistleblowing or researching the DRACO connection to the third Reich ...  The White Rabbit! ... I'll be digging a lot deeper into Tompkins, just like Dr Preston James .... anyone who beats me to any juice, please send or post.

Fifth, in from another blog member @PurSpectives_, and self explanatory somewhat so without further ado ...

Quantum Indigos Hold Keys to New Paradigm

Sixth, in from the lovely Lisa! @Blondenfun1


And one guy who's definitely on the right lines ... not had a chance to listen yet, but will be doing so; jump in ahead of me ...


Canadian Political Candidate James Sears Calls Out Zionism in TV Debate


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