Saturday, 21 May 2016


And so, as I finally have/make time, to get more commercial opportunities flowiing in, time, to get some more FINTECH accounts opened, and I thought you'd all like to know which products or services I consider worthy of my time and efforts.  One by one, here we go, one page, per company/product/service:

Just opened an account with the peeps below, and yes, suitably impressed.

Give there website 5-15 minutes ... Is the ability to move (at almost no cost) funds between bitcoin and FOREX fiat currencies of use; either to trade, to hedge or simply to hold?

In tumultuous times, spreading the risk, is a wise option.  Read on, into HEDGING opportunities.


Also note their HEDGING ACCOUNTS ... offered in FOUR currencies, already; for those who don't want bitcoin value volatility as compared (to often volatile <g> Forex markets), this could be your way to transition to holding bitcoin 'without brainpower engaged'; your VALUE is stored in the CURRENCY of your choice; your BITCOIN balance, thus FLUCTUATES, your FIAT account does NOT; interesting take on bitcoin!

Without further ado;

  • free to open an account
  • relatively hassle free verification if you have a camera to hand and your passport handy
  • LOTS of currencies supported; GREAT WAY to play FOREX MARKETS, possibly at LOW fees, if you're simply interested in e.g. moving one balance to another account (free, note, once through verification) ... a simple way to start with NO LEVERAGE, in forex, or to HEDGE! :)
The website:

"How does your referral program work? 
We're currently inviting a few members to try out our beta referral program. If you have been invited, then you should have gotten an email with your unique referral link. If you haven't been invited yet, don't worry! We're inviting new members every week. As long as you're a verified member, you're in the queue already."

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