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Keshe, Maxwell, Hertz and the key to Gravity, Electromagnetism and Physics
By Ian Greenhalgh on May 14, 2016
It's all in the aether and the aether is all around us, but like the fish does not perceive the water we do not perceive the aether.
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Keshe holding one of his domestic Magrav units

Introductions by Ian Greenhalgh and Gordon Duff

Duff:  Why you should read this.

There is a war going on, one quite possibly more important to the fate of mankind than that other one that is strewing bodies across a third of the globe. What if we can prove there is electricity in the air, not just here on earth but in the vacuum of space, electricity that we can tap and use?

What if that secret, yes Tesla’s and now Keshe’s, can run your hair dryer or charge your electric car? A dozen governments are looking at his tech to power their next century development plans while, and quite contrary to Keshe’s strong anti-war message, a dozen armies look at Keshe tech as a way of powering the super weapons of the next generation and beyond.

Well, the plans are free, they are online and thousands around the world are doing just that – building their own Magrav units and some people are very unhappy about it as you might just guess.  This isn’t just lying about the history or how many angels dance on the head of a pin.

Physicist Jeff Smith postulates that, since 1880, the perhaps not so great minds whose work now needs to be, just perhaps, relegated to the trash bin of history, decided that burning oil and coal (or the “flavor of the day”) was going to be the only way to power civilization, even if, for no reason whatsoever as we know now, planet earth would eventually look like Mars.

For those of you who don’t know, Mehran T. Keshe is an Oxford trained physicist, one time researcher (nuclear weapons researcher our investigations indicate) for the British MOD (Ministry of Defense) who now heads the equivalent of a worldwide cult.   Keshe claims his physics, using different laws than are taught today, make free energy and even space travel, real space travel, a possibility.

We sent scientists to meet him, one said he was insane.  Problem is this, his devices actually work, even when tested by detractors and skeptics.  They are being manufactured and distributed around the world, the plans are available and people are building their own and all of this is documented."


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