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Apologies to all for the drop in post flow; I'm overseas to the UK at the moment, working on a laptop (a lot less efficiently than on my multi-screen desktop), and I've had internet connection issues to deal with, to boot. :(

I am returning to the UK in a few days, and have been busily amassing a veritable list of truths to put on the blog, just as soon as I'm back.

Unable to sort the following into a sensible sequence of posts, this page, is just a browser tab dump ... of goodies ...

First up, first video I've ever come across, of what may have been the type of weapon system used to assassinate me back in 2014:

Second; finally, the corrupt beyond corrupt; FDA head charged in RICO lawsuit!!


Note in the above, the CORRUPT practice of licensing one drug, which creates another illness, which the owners of the former drug, also have a 'cure' for:  just like e.g. Olansapine/Zyprexa (a psych drug) creates diabetes, and guess which SAME company, owns both drugs ... neat scam, if you've got the money to bribe your way into being the person who leads the organisation licencing drugs for human consumption.

Third:  great documentary well worth the whole two hours in from @adaya77

The Weight of Chains | Težina lanaca (2010)

Fourth; William Tompkins ... the page from which the last post came, which I haven't finished reading myself yet; full of goodies ...


Note I got the link to the above from the comments under the Keshe article I posted an extract from ... tantilisingly  ... mentioning William Tompkins as a person who is whistleblowing or researching the DRACO connection to the third Reich ...  The White Rabbit! ... I'll be digging a lot deeper into Tompkins, just like Dr Preston James .... anyone who beats me to any juice, please send or post.

Fifth, in from another blog member @PurSpectives_, and self explanatory somewhat so without further ado ...

Quantum Indigos Hold Keys to New Paradigm

Sixth, in from the lovely Lisa! @Blondenfun1


And one guy who's definitely on the right lines ... not had a chance to listen yet, but will be doing so; jump in ahead of me ...


Canadian Political Candidate James Sears Calls Out Zionism in TV Debate


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#VACCINES VAXXED: From Cover Up to Catastrophe #DOCUMENTARY

VAXXED: From Cover Up to Catastrophe MUST WATCH !


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Monday, 30 May 2016


Page ripped in it's entirity with the suggestion 'do what you want with these pictures' contained within the page; rip the page, these pics are too important to reside on one site only that might disappear any second.

"Beloved Friends This Secret Technology Gallery and the HAARP GALLERY and the SECRET SPACE GALLERY are very special to me. I have shared these photos here on my site with pleasure. They are gifts given to me by a special friend whom I have never met. I know in my heart he is a good soul and is quite intelligent. I probably will never meet him but I am grateful to know that this advanced technology will one day be shared with the entire world.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Keshe, Maxwell, Hertz and the key to Gravity, Electromagnetism and Physics
By Ian Greenhalgh on May 14, 2016
It's all in the aether and the aether is all around us, but like the fish does not perceive the water we do not perceive the aether.
ScreenHunter_02 May. 14 19.44
Keshe holding one of his domestic Magrav units

Introductions by Ian Greenhalgh and Gordon Duff

Duff:  Why you should read this.

There is a war going on, one quite possibly more important to the fate of mankind than that other one that is strewing bodies across a third of the globe. What if we can prove there is electricity in the air, not just here on earth but in the vacuum of space, electricity that we can tap and use?

What if that secret, yes Tesla’s and now Keshe’s, can run your hair dryer or charge your electric car? A dozen governments are looking at his tech to power their next century development plans while, and quite contrary to Keshe’s strong anti-war message, a dozen armies look at Keshe tech as a way of powering the super weapons of the next generation and beyond.

Well, the plans are free, they are online and thousands around the world are doing just that – building their own Magrav units and some people are very unhappy about it as you might just guess.  This isn’t just lying about the history or how many angels dance on the head of a pin.

Physicist Jeff Smith postulates that, since 1880, the perhaps not so great minds whose work now needs to be, just perhaps, relegated to the trash bin of history, decided that burning oil and coal (or the “flavor of the day”) was going to be the only way to power civilization, even if, for no reason whatsoever as we know now, planet earth would eventually look like Mars.

For those of you who don’t know, Mehran T. Keshe is an Oxford trained physicist, one time researcher (nuclear weapons researcher our investigations indicate) for the British MOD (Ministry of Defense) who now heads the equivalent of a worldwide cult.   Keshe claims his physics, using different laws than are taught today, make free energy and even space travel, real space travel, a possibility.

We sent scientists to meet him, one said he was insane.  Problem is this, his devices actually work, even when tested by detractors and skeptics.  They are being manufactured and distributed around the world, the plans are available and people are building their own and all of this is documented."


Bonus - IMPORTANT ... and SIGNIFICANT ... take the time, even if not now: FREE

Bases 60 FREE Part 1 An Exceptional Experience

Bases 60 FREE Part 2 The Survey

Bases 60 FREE Part 3 Failure of UFO Community

I've got most of the way (or all of the way) through Part 3; which got me back to the start; where I hear just about everything I know one other member, will also know, as REALITY

Won't you @eyelash911 lol

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TEL AVIV – The Saudi press is still furious over the U.S. Senate’s unanimous vote approving a bill that allows the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. This time, the London-based Al-Hayat daily has claimed that the U.S. planned the attacks on the World Trade Center in order to create a global war on terror. 
The article, written by Saudi legal expert Katib al-Shammari and translated by MEMRI, claims that American threats to expose documents that prove Saudi involvement in the attacks are part of a long-standing U.S. policy that he calls “victory by means of archives.”
Al-Shammari claims that the U.S. chooses to keep some cards close to its chest in order to use them at a later date. One example is choosing not to invade Iraq in the 1990s and keeping its leader, Saddam Hussein, alive to use as “a bargaining chip” against other Gulf States. Only once Shi’ism threatened to sweep the region did America act to get rid of Hussein “since they no longer saw him as an ace up their sleeve.”
He claims that the 9/11 attacks were another such card, enabling the U.S. to blame whoever suited its needs at a particular time; first it blamed Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, then Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, and now Saudi Arabia.
September 11 is one of winning cards in the American archives, because all the wise people in the world who are experts on American policy and who analyze the images and the videos [of 9/11] agree unanimously that what happened in the [Twin] Towers was a purely American action, planned and carried out within the U.S. Proof of this is the sequence of continuous explosions that dramatically ripped through both buildings. … Expert structural engineers demolished them with explosives, while the planes crashing [into them] only gave the green light for the detonation – they were not the reason for the collapse. But the U.S. still spreads blame in all directions.


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Monday, 23 May 2016


Over to Tom ...

Sunday   May 22, 2016

Nazi Star on Israel's Horizon
by Tom Henegan, International Intelligence ExpertUNITED States of America   -

It can now be reported that the state of Israel faces Netanyahu Nazification.


Sunday, 22 May 2016


wild asses guess at losing your money on HIGH HIGH HIGH RISK

 With no doubts, commensurate rewards if they pull it off ...


"The Ethereum Computer makes it possible to securely rent access to any space or compatible smart object, without intermediaries.

Anywhere where there are underused assets such as temporarily vacant apartments, there is an opportunity to make a profit using the Ethereum Computer. The Ethereum Computer enables both consumers and businesses to turn their assets into income.



When you see one of the oldest most established offshore gold transfer online services shutdown to move over to this:

   If you already have a Voucher-Safe set up, launch it here

Video Tutorials


Distributed Autonomous Organisations; isn't it time, you got up to speed?


"DAO interest rising

Many market observers are crediting ether’s recent price increase to the rise of a distributed organization referred to as The DAO, an Ethereum-based entity which allows market participants to provide both startup businesses and projects with funding – in the form of ether – in exchange for voting rights.


The Safest, Fastest Asset Exchange on Earth

Trade any leading blockchain asset for any other. Protection by Design. No Account Needed.



And so rarely does anyone give Ethereum as a PLATFORM play, a full run for the money, but we've found someone who definitely fits the bit; WAVES PLATFORM

Waves Platform For Investors #4 - Investor Q&A With Sasha Ivanov, Creator Of The Waves Platform


In the next post ... but first; everyone including me, try catch up with the basics:

Banking on the Blockchain


For some reason I thought The White Hats might have published again, and I was not wrong.  For those new to the blog, we covered The White Hats extensively; they are the originators of the 110MB of data, Lord Blackheath mentioned in the House of Lords speeches ... Thus, considering this an #OpBLACKHEATH update, even if the below, doesn't cover Lord Blackheath at all; same peeps (Intel cowboys as Veterans Today calls them .... the good guys, from the DEEP STATE) ... Without further ado, read it with me!

Monday, March 7, 2016


Do you see what I see?

"BREAKING NEWS: Gunman, 27, fires into crowd at biker festival in western Austria after row with girlfriend killing three and wounding 11 then turns gun on himself
Lone gunman opened fire into a crowd of concert-goers in western Austria
Three people were killed and 11 were injured in attack on biker concert
The shooter, who has not been named, then turned the gun on himself
Gunman, 27, had an argument with his girlfriend shortly before shooting
PUBLISHED: 07:30, 22 May 2016 | UPDATED: 10:08, 22 May 2016"

27 = 77


7.3 = 777


I've covered the important of AkheNATOn (AkheNATen ... ever heard of NAT Rothschild?) ... aka AkhenETON ...

Aliens From Hell - Freeman Fly

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Five Eyed Hand at the Zayante Hoedown 6/23/2007



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New intel "Undeclared nuclear wars in Central Asia"

In full:


Your Radiation This Week No 57

War Crimes in Progress May 14 to May 21, 2016
(San Francisco) May 21, 2016 – Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the Top Recorded Radiation Highs that affected people for the last week around the United States.
War Crimes in Progress
There is no way to recover from these kinds of exposures. There is no medicine and there is no cure. Millions now possess a shortened life span due to their radiation exposures. What city or country will be next?
Radiation CPM * City State
Great Basin Desert Nevada US
Great Basin Desert Nevada US
Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is One Radioactive Decay Registered by the Instrument.
The Top Reporting Radioactive Cities are listed. The highest radiation reporting city is listed first, the least radioactive city reporting is listed last.
Still, all reporting cities are above normal. These are a portion of the American cities that exceeded 1,000 CPM this week.
Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM [4]
1,709CPM,341.8Times Normal,Colorado Springs, CO.Beta, Gamma.
1,391CPM,278.2Times Normal,Denver, CO.Beta, Gamma.
1,320CPM,264Times Normal,Navajo Lake, NM.Beta, Gamma.
1,307CPM,261.4Times Normal,Raleigh, NC.Beta, Gamma.
1,283CPM,256.6Times Normal,Portland, ME.Beta, Gamma.
1,244CPM,248.8Times Normal,Idaho Falls, ID.Beta, Gamma.
1,212CPM,242.4Times Normal,Little Rock, AR.Beta, Gamma.
1,146CPM,229Times Normal,Casper, WyomingBeta, Gamma.
1,123CPM,224.6Times Normal,Bismark, ND.Beta, Gamma.Yes
1,121CPM,224.2Times Normal,Spokane, WA.Beta, Gamma.
1,116CPM,223.2Times Normal,Yuma, AZ.Beta, Gamma.
1,063CPM,212.6Times Normal,Harrisonburg, VA.Beta, Gamma.
1,032CPM,206.4Times Normal,Laredo, TX.Beta, Gamma.
1,022CPM,204.4Times Normal,Salt Lake City, UT.Beta, Gamma.
1,019CPM,203.8Times Normal,Phoenix, AZ.Beta, Gamma.
1,008CPM,201.6Times Normal,Worcester, MA.Beta, Gamma.
Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM [4]
Major Rad Sources This Week
Heavy duty sources this week in Rad include: nuke product fires in Northern Canada [6] [7] [8]; undeclared nuclear wars in Central Asia; Fukushima in Japan; and, 438 big nuke reactors leaking non-stop, all the time worldwide. There are approximately 104 operating reactors in the States. The number varies with reloading and repair schedules.
See NETc.com for an Animation showing leaking nuclear sources of last night’s Rad leaks. The Animation is on the Free public page. Pretty good first page on the site, it kinda takes your breath away.
The Count
Colorado Springs leaped 402 CPM Rad points ahead of the other contenders on Tuesday May 17, 2016. It is now at 1,709 CPM Gamma & Beta High for the week. Colorado Springs exceeded 1,000 Rad CPM for 151 hours this week. That’s 89.8% of the week.
For the remaining 17 operational hours the Rad Unit was “out-of-service.” No reason was given for the failure to report for 17 hours. Confidence is high Colorado Springs radiation measurement exceeded 1,000 CPM 99% of the reporting week of May 14 to 21, 2016.
How Cities Cheat on the Rad Reports
By far the easiest lie to pull off is to omit the higher of the two counts. Now days that is almost always the Beta CPM.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania politicians discovered it is always best to level with the residents about the Rad after the initial Presidential lies and other disastrous experiences when Three Mile Island nuke reactor No 2 blew up on March 28, 1979.
An example of stupendous Cowardice in office is portrayed every day by Los Angeles. They weakly say the Gamma Count is it; as if that is all there is to the Rad. 
Regrettably, there are many more cities like Los Angeles. May they all have interesting lives. That is an old Chinese curse.
The YRTW Table of poisoned American cities has changed by adding a Column on the Right hand side. It is labeled “Corrupted?” The purpose of the column is to provide guidance as to the reliability, consistency and truthfulness of an individual city’s High Rad reading for that given week.
Since a city’s report is subject to many strongly felt opinions that can affect Rad Readings, whether or not the Rad Unit was reporting at least 168 Hours (24 X 7)  takes on additional importance. The number of hours the machines work in a week is not an opinion.
It is a documented fact; it is only a number, a measure of efficiency. The unit either reported publicly; or it failed to do so 100% of the time. It can’t do both.
All things being equal there should be One Reading per Hour for 168 Rad readings a week. The corruption may originate with a machine error, programming glitch, human intervention or change, intended or not.
The response may be “Yes” for “Yes, it is corrupted.” The entry will be “Left Blank” for “Not Suspected.”
War Crimes in Progress
The subtitle for YRTW is changed to add the phrase: “War Crimes in Progress.” Let’s not pretend this much Rad for this long is not a War Crime punishable by Hanging. It is purposeful and with intent. You are a Target for this campaign of random murder.
The perps do not care who is killed and maimed by their self made poisons. I call for War Crimes trials and prompt Hangings for all of those involved.
Rad Measuring Units Removed from Service
Some 24/7 Rad measuring units are flaking out or are removed from service for various reasons, including political reasons. I encourage the EPA to return them to service. Hundreds have now suffered this fate of oblivion.
New Category – MIA 1YrHigh
“MIA 1YrHigh” is a new category under the column labeled Type of Rad. It means “Missing in Action – 1 Year High.”
I salute the brave scientists, physicists, techs and support personnel who continue to bring us the latest radiation numbers. Their work is valued and appreciated.
Te132 – Something Nuclear in Europe Detonated or Exploded
The American East Coast from Virginia to Maine was Rad Assaulted on and around May 4, 2016 from Rad originating in Europe; specifically Te132, a fission product. Something in Europe exploded or detonated. EU officials have had no comment.
The 100 Plus point sharp Rad elevation reported last week in YRTW No 56 was detected by EPA Rad Monitors in the following East Coast cities: NYC, NY; Shirley, NY; Dover, DE; Baltimore, MD; Hartford, CT; Providence, RI; Portland ME, Richmond VA, Philadelphia, PA; on Wed 5-4-2016.
NETc.com  – Animation and Subscriptions
You are again encouraged to view daily the NETc.com animation on their free, public site. The above referenced 100 Plus point sharp Rad elevation lit up the subscriber’s page like a Xmas tree.
For those with more serious scientific interest, I highly recommend that you subscribe.   The cost is around US$20.  It is well worth it.
Rad Contagion in the States
Colorado Springs is back yet again as the Most Radioactive city in the US, “Recorded,” that is. Raleigh, Miami, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Billings, Montana are the recent victims of truly spectacular Radiation Counts per Minute (CPM) on EPA Geiger counters and radiation measurement systems.
No action has been taken by the US Government, however; nor is it expected. They are the biggest Cowards of all. The nation destroying strength of Big Time Rads cannot be denied; but, the Rads can be ignored till they kill you. You can run; but, you cannot hide, the Rads always win.
Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.

Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2016. Reproduce and distribute, give full attribution to Bob Nichols at duweapons@gmail.com.
Notes and Sources
  1. The Radiation charts and graphs of the EPA at http://www2.epa.gov/radnet Individual queries can be built at the EPA RadNet Query Builder. Don’t skip the “2” in www2.
  2. The EPA based reporting of www.NETC.com an LLC.
  3. * This station’s Radiation equals combined Beta and Gamma Radiation. Note: Not all locations report Beta Radiation. Gamma Radiation Monitors are reporting publicly at all these locations.
  4. Reference: Digilert 100 Flyer pdf, “Normal background is 5-20 CPM.”http://keison.co.uk/seinternational_digilert100.shtml Copyright @ 2015 Keison International Ltd – All Rights Reserved.
  5. CPM. “Although we can’t see it, taste it, smell it or hear it we can measure radiation and observe its
    effects. One way to measure radiation which the United States Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] has
    chosen to use on its radiation websites is in Counts Per Minute. Each Count is One Radioactive Decay.”
    Quote from the ‘Your Radiation, This Week.’” Apr 3, 2015. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/04/03/your-radiation-this-week/
  6. Fort McMurray wildfire burning so hot, only weather can stop it, ‘Perfect storm’ of factors makes Alberta wildfire a powerful force, but such fires could be ‘the new normal’, http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/alberta-wildfire-science-background-1.3565932 CBC News, by Lucas Powers.
  7. Watch the Fort McMurray fire spread over 18 days in May: ‘Beastly’ blaze just won’t die, growing to 423,000 hectares,
  8. Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Drifts Over NYC, Tri-State, 4 NEW YORK,http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Smoke-From-Canadian-Wildfired-Drifts-Over-NYC-Tri-State-NY-380289301.html

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And so, as I finally have/make time, to get more commercial opportunities flowiing in, time, to get some more FINTECH accounts opened, and I thought you'd all like to know which products or services I consider worthy of my time and efforts.  One by one, here we go, one page, per company/product/service:

Just opened an account with the peeps below, and yes, suitably impressed.

Give there website 5-15 minutes ... Is the ability to move (at almost no cost) funds between bitcoin and FOREX fiat currencies of use; either to trade, to hedge or simply to hold?

In tumultuous times, spreading the risk, is a wise option.  Read on, into HEDGING opportunities.


Friday, 20 May 2016



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"Twitter has blocked the US intelligence agencies from accessing a service that allows the real-time analysis of the content posted online."





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Anno Lucis

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Examples of use
Detail from the 1916 cornerstone of a Masonic lodge in Rochester, Minnesota
21st century plaque on the wall of the city hall inSouth Sioux City, Nebraska
Anno Lucis (“in the Year of Light”) is a dating system used in Freemasonry ceremonial or commemorative proceedings, which is equivalent to the Gregorian calendar except for adding 4,000 to the year number. It is similar to Anno Mundi.


For example, a date Anno Domini (A.D.) 2016 becomes Anno Lucis (A.L.) 6016.[1] This calendar era, which would designate 4,001 BC as ‘year zero’, was adopted in the 18th century (58th century AL) as a simplification of theAnno Mundi era dating system used in the Hebrew calendar, and borrowing from other ideas of that time regarding the year of creation.
After the Masoretic text was published, dating creation around 4000 BC became common, and was received with wide support.[2] Proposed calculations of the date of creation using the Masoretic from the 10th century to the 18th century, were numerous and fluctuated by many decades.[3] Notably, Isaac Newton's calculation pointed at the year 4000 BC.[3]
Among the Masoretic creation estimates or calculations for the date of creation, Archbishop Ussher's specific chronology dating the creation to 4004 BC became the most accepted and popular in Christendom, mainly because this specific date was attached to the King James Bible.[4] The Hebrew Calendar has traditionally, since the 4th century AD by Hillel II, dated the creation to 3761 BC,[5][6] in accordance with the Seder Olam Rabbah compiled by Jose ben Halafta in 160 AD, and in agreement withThe Remaining Signs of Past Centuries, in which the Muslim chronologist al-Biruni identifies anno mundi as 3448 years before the Seleucid era, though not withSeder Olam Zutta, which dates it to 4339 BC and was compiled in 804 CE.[7]

See also[edit]


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