Saturday, 5 March 2016


Sometimes, videos speak, for themselves:

And a few more pertinent updates:
And an update to the original vid top of the page, in via secure email from a subscriber who's been digging:

"Just a quick point as I try to digest all. The attached screenshot from the London UFO video shows "12-06-11 / THIS IS THE LIFE / JAMIE KING". That suggests the video is not from today.  Strangely, I googled for "12-06-11" .... and it autocompleted "this is the life".

This does tie in with a song released by a Jamie King on that date:
"Jamie King ft Sway:
This Is The Life
(Love Music Records)
Release Date: 12/06/11"
It is not usual in my experience to have street posters proclaiming the release of new music. Maybe this was filmed outside a record shop (not many of those left!).

So, I am skeptical this happened today.

Notwithstanding the date, an interesting video indeed."


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