Thursday, 10 March 2016


And so, we have:

1) A BOOK written by a WHITE CAT;

Sunday, 6 March 2016

We have my discussion with Cynthia on site, who claimed to be an Orion 'walk-in' (and having seen a spacecraft over my house just after the assassination, at my request, to "it's about time you showed me you've got my back because these USELESS human can't keep me alive" ... ran outside, spacecraft overhead (fully detailed; neon pink and blue) ... WTF, join the club ... onward, I have this just in from a member, CATS again .... This time, in ANCIENT ANTIQUITY as GODS on EARTH :)

Getting fckg OFF THE CHARTS interesting, hey ...

The text that came in with the pic:

"the middle one with the cats tells the legend of the android cat being reborn as human (from earth onto earth) and missing one breast when she comes into being complete android cat again. the legend also speaks of this timescale and the 8th tetrad when its happening. and also speaks of a legend of her receiving the world back in gift. of her being of the sun moon and stars. (similar i guess to revelations) and that she is the holy grail too which will appear magically to her when she opens up herself to her own powers again (another legend)"

And the pic:

Keep you posted! :)


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