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I have tried to withhold some of the darkest stuff... (and I am still doing it)... As wynderer has mentioned in her post #22 at that if you go down that rabbit hole there will be "some nasty payback" (her words)... and she is right, if you go down that rabbit hole you will be engaged... this stuff is real and it gets people killed or framed...but if we don't give a voice to these children, who will?... the "entities" behind all this are in fact counting on our cognitive dissonance to be able to continue what they are doing... their "deeds" affect all of us, whether we ignore them or not...

This "message" is attributed to Dr Karla Turner... "Don’t stop because of fear. Fear is their power. Not finished fighting. Will help from other side. There are good forces there. If you do not speak out, you are all accomplices. Death is not an end. I will watch over you. You are a witness to a crime. I love you. " Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite – May 1, 2012 3.

Introduction from Bill Ryan Hi, Houman -- Many thanks indeed for this thread, which I've only just found and read. It's one of the most important on this or any other forum. All Avalon members, please note. April 27, 2012 * * * I remarked quite some time ago -- back in Camelot’s heyday – that if any researcher into covert global affairs were to be 100% intellectually honest, the rabbithole would lead to some very dark places where one might not have originally intended to go at all. It stops being fun, and one might readily regret embarking on the journey. But the data trail leads there, so one has to take courage and proceed. This thread epitomizes that. It’s where the trail leads. It’s unsavory, but I believe there’s an immense amount of extremely important, unsavory truth here. That’s why I think this thread is so significant."


Comment/private message stream

"Mar 16
wilder and wilder fella ... and so, I sent you this pic ... and pointed out the PSYCHOPATH brain contains ... and ALIEN (understand using SIMILE here ... ) the pic; TOP RIGHT, note = psychopath
And you know from the crypto-cracking they're doing human sacrifices to AMON-RA (aka HORUS-RA) ... and so, if you get the TOP RIGHT pic looks like an ALIEN INSIDE THE MIND of a PSYCHOPATH.... now look at the PIC UNDERNEATH that pic ... MIDDLE RIGHT
And note the FILENAME = ....Horus-Ra-as-the-Archontic-Alien-Parasite
Question: do you see something, I see?
And FUCK ME bro .... if I didn't just take a glance at the WRONG page .... from the one I was TRYING to get to, and hit THIS PAGE
"In scientific terms, Amon Ra is a section on both sides of our head,"
"The Gnostic God of Amon Ra was worshiped in the capital of the Brotherhood"
Question: do you see something, I see? that looks rather like the MIDDLE RIGHT pic ?
"erasures of Amen by Akhenaten" hehe .. fkg KNEW IT :)
7 lines lower, and the names of Amen in the lowest 3 lines. {777}
More asap, cos I see 22 too :)
Top post on 22 =
Remember, those FOUR JOURNALISTS, in NORWAY :) :)
22. July revealed
ps 22 = BB of course, as in like BARCLAYS BROTHERS? ... BARCLAYS BANK?
and BB pulls this interesting CLUE I left for myself
SUNDAY, 8 JANUARY 2012 BB *?? Tip - The White Rabbit! :) - See more at:
which leads OH MY ... to
UPDATE: The Biggest corporate ID theft in history! Also, see our note underneath the video. And understand TWO UK POLITICIANS FROM THE TORY PARTY ARE POSSIBLY IMPLICATED IN THIS MASSIVE FINANCIAL SCAM! - See more at:
Don't forget when the bullets fly
DUCK .. <g>

And you have been duly warned:

Project Avalon - Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite by Holy Yeshua

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