Monday, 14 March 2016


Just in by email ... in part:

"Super Secure P2P
The best way to maintain your privacy is to be off on your own and create your own “network”.  We are now testing p2p for Mac and Ubuntu (Windows will come soon), with a new standalone app.  This is early days, it’s still pre-alpha, but we think you will be impressed and agree with us that this will be the future of Unseen, you’ll want to use it all the time for those communications you don’t want to retain.
This features a Freenet framework that has been much improved for usability, performance and security, plus:
  • Super secure and fast EC encryption
  • Super fast communications, you are going DIRECT!
  • Supports text chat and audio/video calling
  • p2p secure file transfers with a much larger size limit will be available soon (2 weeks)
Download links and instructional pdfs are available below. You can also get help at  For now, you will need to manually exchange the node address with your Unseen chat mates (you can also email the 2K file as well). If you would like someone to chat with, be sure to invite a friend to install the software also.
To download the apps, peer to peer apps, and the user guides please look below.
Standalone Apps:
Peer to Peer Apps:


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